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Why Should a Business Ask for Customer Reviews?

We can find different goods and services available online thanks to the internet. The brick-and-mortar shops are turning into eCommerce businesses. Today’s customers are evaluating products and services on the basis of feedback and impressions. 

However, as you discover online stores, you might feel a bit overwhelmed by all the different choices. Questioning whether the goods or services are worth your money is natural, and judging prior customer experience is the usual go-to method when uncertainty kicks in.

Online stores are opting to prioritize customer reviews to help future shoppers, but there is more to it.

The article enumerates several reasons that explain the importance of gathering customer reviews for the business.

The Significance of Customer Reviews

Customer reviews showcase the reputation of a brand and tell a lot about its product or services. Not only do they help to bring traffic to the website, but they also attract customers and increase sales. In short, they set a business up for success. 

On the other hand, if you do not have reviews, you may be left out when people are looking for the services that you provide. No reviews mean less online presence as you will not appear anywhere in Google, provided that you don’t have a good ranking on Google. 

No specific number of customer reviews describe the success of a business. As a rule of thumb, the more you get, the better. However, a dozen reviews can add credibility to a brand, so either good or bad, make sure to get them on the list. 

Not to mention, by providing extensive support, the businesses can turn their negative reviews into positive ones. 

Collecting customer reviews can be a hassle. If so, businesses should automate the process using import tools,such as Okendo. On the other hand, Okendo alternative apps like Opinew are a good option as well.

Now, as for how to increase the number of customer reviews on a website, there are a few key things to note on that.

Ask: When you find that a customer is involved in a positive conversation with the business, ask and request to write a review. 

Train Team: Educate your team about the importance of customer reviews and the right tactics to get positive reviews from customers right away. 

Simplify It: A simple and straight process to collect reviews will help you get more of them. Add a dedicated page that explains the process in short and share the link with customers. 

Follow Up: Once the customer finalizes their purchase with you, do not forget to follow up. Ask their views or suggestions and request them to leave a review. 

Search Social Platforms: Customers sometimes share their reviews on social media platforms. Use the right tools and keywords to search mentions of your brand and add them to your page. 

Allow Businesses to Understand Customers Better

Customer Reviews

Businesses should pay attention to customer reviews, analyze each of them to understand what the buyers have to say about the product or services they deliver. By using the insightful information, the businesses must be able to provide quick resolution while improving customer satisfaction and retention ratios. 

If you listen to your customers and offer good service, they will leave positive reviews, which will add value to your business. 

Increase Sales with Credibility & Social Proof

Before buying anything, we used to browse the web to go through the customer reviews or ratings provided to any particular brand and its products. Customer reviews play a pivotal role in influencing the buying decision as people tend to buy from someone who has a positive online identity. 

People are more likely to buy from a business if they hear something good about it from others. 

Increase Website Traffic & Generate More Leads 

SEO is one significant factor that focuses on ranking websites higher in the search engine result listings. Similarly, reviews affect SEO to a great extent. So, emphasize more on generating good reviews for your business as it can play a vital role in website ranking. More five-star reviews mean more potential customers, improved website traffic, and higher revenue. 

When people keep visiting your online store, the search engine identifies you as an authority website within your niche. 

Give Customers the Flexibility to Have a Voice

Customers who spend their valuable time posting a review on social media and other online channels tend to stay loyal and keep coming back. Consumers get the chance to provide their feedback and suggestions while letting others know if the product you sell is worth purchasing or not. 

They feel valuable if the business listens to them and makes appropriate improvements to the product and services. 

Establish Customer Relationship & Improve Engagement

Customer Reviews

Reviews, good or bad, provide customers the opportunity to express their views and build a mutual relationship. It helps in establishing an emotional connection between the brand and its customers, which further leads to building massive returns over investment. Also, businesses should offer after-sales support to get positive reviews, as every single review counts. 

Customer reviews are also a proven and established factor that results in better customer engagement. 


Collecting, managing, and displaying online customer reviews is a potential way for brands to attract and convert new customers. To sum up, businesses must pay more attention to delivering an exceptional customer experience worthy of earning an excellent recommendation.

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