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How Web Design Can Influence Sales and Conversion Rates

In theory, the equation for an effective website that encourages customer conversions is a simple one: good design and effective copy. However, in reality, it can be difficult to find the right blend of these two key elements to create an optimal level of sales.

When it comes to improving your website sales and conversions, a web design agency can really help you get ranking. It’s always good to find a web agency that ranks incredibly well for their own SEO, so a quick search for something like¬†web design agency birmingham¬†should help you find a great agency who can help improve your website sales and conversions.

Read on to understand more about the three crucial ways in which the design of your website can affect the overall success of your enterprise.

Optimize For Mobile

Regardless of what field you operate in, at least half of your target audience is going to be accessing your online store using a mobile device. If they find the site fails to work as well on their smartphone or tablet as it does on their laptop or desktop computer, they are far more likely to give up and head towards the site of a competitor instead.

Thanks to the falling cost and rising speed of wireless networks, not to mention the increasing ubiquity of public Wi-Fi, the use of mobile devices is likely to continue to grow rapidly. Ensuring your site is designed in such a way where users can not only access all the features and elements of your device on a smaller screen but can also seamlessly switch from one device to another and enjoy the same user experience is vital if you want your site to hold its own.

Incorporate Conversion-Centric Features

There are certain features you can incorporate into your website that will help nudge wavering visitors towards making a purchase. The headings on the most important and vital pieces of information on the page should be larger than those above lesser elements. This helps readers quickly decide where to find the information they most need to absorb.

Ensure key elements, such as your navigation buttons, call to action, social media links and search bar, are all in view when a visitor first loads the page, but don’t allow your landing page to become cluttered and confusing.

Although sites platforms such as BigCommerce provide a choice of templates and themes that give some variety in how such elements are structured, you can create a more customized bespoke site by working with an expert developer such as Blackbeltcommerce.com who can optimize the number of conversion-centric features on your site.

Choose your palette with care

Different colors evoke different emotions, which means the choices you make and combinations you use when it comes to the design of our website is important as it influences the way customers relate to your enterprise. The applies to the use of images, lines, buttons, text and even white spaces in between; combine all of these in such a way and you will better direct your visitors towards making a purchasing decision.

You should be especially mindful of the colors you choose for key elements of your site such as the call to action to ensure they stand out from the rest of the design. Bear in mind that certain colors will be strongly associated with other brands so use them sparingly to avoid confusion.

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