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Which Area Of Software Development To Specialise In?

A piece of software goes hand in hand with technology, and if you are looking for a career with excellent prospects and a diverse choice of work, becoming a software developer may be the right choice for you. If you are looking for a job with longevity, then there is always going to be a requirement for talented software developers. There are many different facets to software development, and below you will see a breakdown of themain ones to help you decide which one to pursue.

Application Software

Just like when they hire PHP developer and other programmers, application software developers are also available on a flexible working contract which business ownersprefer these days. Your dream job may be a software developer which is some of the most used software in the world. Application software is also known as Apps, which can be a game or tool to help you do a task. Some examples of application software are as follows;

  • Photoshop
  • Microsoft Office
  • AppleWorks
  • Real Player

If you’re good at testing applications and programs in order to meet industry standards, you should consider a career in one of the best software testing companies out there.

System Software

If you go down the route of working on system software, then this type of software helps the Apps and the hardware interact with each other. The system software is essential to run and maintain the system and allows different kinds of software to create an environment or platform so that they work correctly. All computers and internet devices such as tablets and Smartphones will use system software in their operating system, and examples of this are;

Programming Software

Programming software is not something that is used by an end-user unless you are a software engineer. It is designed to write, develop, test, and then debug system software and apps. There are a few different IDEs (Integrated Development Environment), language editors, debuggers, and compilers that are commonly used which are;

  • Coda – This is a language editor use for Mac
  • Eclipse – This is a Java language editor
  • Sublime Text – A cross platform editor for Windows, Linux, and Mac
  • Notepad++ – This is an open-source editor for the Windows OS

Software programmes can use the programming software as a translator program, turning it into machine code that the computer understands.

Driver Software

All types of software require drivers for them to run correctly, and they translate the input signal from the user to the hardware, allowing the computer to understand the command. An excellent example of this would be your mouse or touchpad on your laptop, with the driver software telling the computer where on the screen you are clicking, and giving you a visual representation on your screen.

There are also five other significant areas of software development that you could look at developing a career in, and these are Freeware, Shareware, Open Source Software, Closed Source Software, and Utility Software. If you establish the qualifications and skills to work in the software development industry, then there will be a requirement for your skills throughout your lifetime, meaning you will always be able to find work. With so many different areas that you can specialise in, and companies that you can work for if you have the skills and mindset the world is your

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