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3 Ways a PDF Software Can Help Your Business Thrive

Getting a business up and running is by no means an easy task. No matter what industry we’re talking about. Furthermore, managing to stay afloat and break even is getting harder every year. Why? There is a long list of reasons but if we have to single something out it would be fierce competition and innovative technology.

Thanks to globalization, companies have expanded their operations to the whole world. Nowadays, keeping an eye on your neighboring competitor won’t suffice. You have to adjust to the new game rules and be prepared to compete against the worldwide competition. Unfortunately, many are not.

Likewise, many advances in modern technology allowed companies and businesses to gain competitive edge by significantly enhancing their workflow and reducing overheads. Take digitization, for example. Companies that decided to embrace the digital environment and abandon manual and paper-based processes are now reaping the benefits.

Beside the obvious reduction in paper expenses and storage, there are many more benefits of electronic document processing. For instance, it’s environmentally friendly and much safer to archive information in PDF (Portable Document Format) than to print it out and safe in paper format.

However, just like you need a pen and a stapler to manipulate paper documents, you need a tool that can do the same to PDF documents. A professional PDF software can give you full control over all aspects of your PDF work. It might not seem that a PDF software can make a huge difference for office productivity, but it can. If you deal with tons of PDF files, that is.

That’s why we’ve decided to show you three ways a professional PDF software can increase your office productivity and help your business goals in the long run.

1) Processing Time Reduction

The vast majority of important business documents (client contracts, financial reports, bank statements) are stored in PDF. The fact is that PDF is the go-to repository for confidential business records, mainly because it is almost uneditable.

Still, there are cases when this is not ideal.Imagine a situation in which you need to “unlock” the content from a PDF and manipulate it in another file format. Take accountants, for example. Their workflow depends on processing and analyzing information that is often locked in PDF. In such cases they need to use a professional PDF converter that can extract the data from those pesky PDFs to Excel before they can get to work.

If you encounter such situations on daily basis, it would be wise to equip your office with a PDF conversion software. Of course, you can manually retype the information from PDF to Word or Excel, but that will waste you so much time.

A proper PDF solution can significantly speed up the management of important PDF documents and save you a lot of valuable time in the process. The time you can spend on other pressing issues. After all, time is money.

2) Privileged Information Security

With data leaks happening too often, security has become the hottest topic these days. It’s important now more than ever to keep your confidential documents away from the prying eyes. A single information leak can plummet your stocks and put a lock on your business forcing you to seek fortune elsewhere.

The number of cyber attacks is on the rise, and with so many important PDF documents circulating the WWW every single day no wonder, they’re the prime targets of malicious attacks. How can a PDF software help?

A PDF software equipped with security features such as password encryption and content redaction can help you keep your confidential data safe by password protecting it or removing any sensitive data from it before sending it out. With such measures, you can rest assured that no-one but the intended recipient will have access to the information in the document.

3) Faster Data Collection

Many professionals need to turn raw data into meaningful information they can use later down the road. The first step, however, is to collect that data. Back in the days’ companies collected survey data via paper questionnaires. Thankfully, there is a much better way to go get things done in the present – interactive PDF forms.

If your business relies on data collection, a PDF form filler and editor might become your best friend(s). Again, time is a precious commodity in the business world and collecting essential business data via digital PDF forms is much more efficient than doing it manually. This way you can collect data in a swift manner and cut down time spent on assembling information.

As you can see, a PDF software solution can help you take your document management to the next level and help your business get a competitive edge. Also, automating your PDF workflow can result in improved profitability thanks to the cost-saving factors (printing, archiving). Needless to say that the overall office productivity will skyrocket cause you’ll have plenty of time to focus on activities that matter.

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