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5 Office Improvement Ideas to Consider

If you want to increase productivity, boost morale, and prevent a high employee turnover, you must aim to provide your hardworking staff with a fantastic work environment. By doing so, your team could feel excited to head into the office each day.

If you’re stuck for ideas on how to improve your interior to lift employees’ spirits, here are five office improvement ideas to consider.

1. Welcome Natural Light

There are many reasons to welcome as much natural light into an office as possible. It cannot only create a light and spacious office, but it could boost your employees’ mood, increase their energy levels, and even improve their sleep quality.

According to a neurology study by Northwestern University, employees who work in an office with windows experienced 173% more white light each working day. Plus, they enjoyed an additional 46 minutes of sleep per night. Therefore, welcoming natural light into an office can lift an employee’s mood and ensure they are well-rested each day, which can help them to adopt a more positive mindset.

2. Update Your Décor and Equipment

Poor performing computers, a dull interior, and uncomfortable chairs can all eat away at employee morale. If your staff members appear down and disheartened, you could lift their spirits by transforming the interior design and updating office equipment.

Add a burst of color by painting the walls in mood-lifting hues, hanging artwork, incorporating indoor plants, and providing more comfortable seating. Investing in the essential updates doesn’t need to be expensive, as you can use coupons to save money at a reputable retailer. For example, you could use coupons at Target, HP, Home Depot, Walmart, and Lowe’s, to name only a few options.

3. Provide Quiet Rooms

While an open office layout can support efficiency and help hardworking professionals strike up friendships, a loud working environment can be distracting. Avoid frustration and support productivity by providing your focused employees with quieter rooms to work in when needed. For example, a staff member could book a quiet room to focus 100% of their attention on an important task or project.

4. Add Recreational Areas

Encourage your dedicated staff to take a break and have some fun by providing fun recreational areas. For instance, you could:

  • Buy a relaxing sofa and a TV
  • Provide an indoor ping pong table
  • Add classic board games
  • Install an outdoor basketball hoop

A chilled hangout area will help your employees de-stress during the working day and build a rapport with their colleagues. Plus, a recreational area will prove the business cares about its employees’ mental health and well-being.

5. Allow Employees to Personalize Their Desk

As your team members will spend much of their day at their desks, you should allow them to personalize their workstation. For example, they could create a more appealing space with a desk plant, personal photographs, a table lamp, or a stress ball. Customized desks can add character to your office. Also, your team will feel more comfortable and relaxed in the workplace, which can increase morale and productivity.

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