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6 Things That Businesses Get By Using Virtual Numbers

Businesses have always been looking for that perfect balance between profit and customer satisfaction. But because of the ever-changing landscape of the market, you’ll always have to be working on something new. That’s how you stay relevant and ahead of the competition!

But what many business owners realize is it’s not just about implementing the latest marketing techniques. It’s also about ensuring that the infrastructure you’re using can handle whatever it is that you want to implement.

This goes too for the type of business communication system that you’re using. With companies like Freeje, where you can buy virtual number, you can have a powerful tool at your disposal that would increase the possibilities for your enterprise.

There is a lot that a business can gain by implementing the use of this powerful piece of technology into their communication systems. Here are a few things businesses would get with this revolutionary technology:

It Can Boost Your Numbers

Did you know that people are more likely to answer the phone when it rings if there’s a recorded voice (like a robot) in the end (IVR)? Perhaps this is because not everyone wants to talk to a live agent to solve their issues. A recorded voice attendant is much cheaper and so much more feasible using a virtual number. 

But this isn’t the only way you’d get a boost. There are various approaches that you can use to make sure your website converts visitors into leads. This includes the use of a toll-free telephone number or a call-to-action that gives a way for your potential customers to call you.

Even using your own personal phone number, you’d still be able to see an increase in conversion rates! This tech gives that without the hassle of someone calling you in the middle of the night.

Acquire Customers from All Parts of the World

Because the number doesn’t need to reflect the area you’re in, you can get customers from most parts of the world even if you don’t have a physical presence there. This is the beauty of using it.

You get easy access to their trust by establishing yourself as a local enterprise using a number from their area. This also means that you don’t have to worry about ever being pushed out of a market. If you feel that your strategies work better somewhere else, you can easily strengthen your efforts in that market segment.

Whether you’re expanding or switching gears, rest assured that a VoIP number would be able to give you access to new customers eager to learn and buy from you instead of the competition.

Save on Phone Calls

You can make your phone call anywhere there is a strong and stable connection. You don’t even need a desk phone to do this. Using the devices you already have like a smartphone or tablet, you’d be able to call. Not having to buy additional equipment generates savings right away.

But here’s another advantage: you don’t even have to pay for calling if you call someone on an app that uses VoIP. So if you’re calling international numbers all the time, the savings would be very significant. And whatever you’ll save this way, you can allocate to other initiatives to propel growth.

Reach Consumers via Text, Social Media, Emails, And Voice Calls

One of the biggest misconceptions with VoIP numbers is that it’s only good for letting you call for cheap. In fact, what it actually does is combine old and new tech to increase the potential effectiveness of any campaign that you’d run.

For example, you can employ text marketing to tell existing customers about a new product or a limited-time offer. Meanwhile, your followers on social media can also use the published virtual number to contact you should they have urgent concerns. For consultation calls, you can send something to your email list to let them know of your number. You can even include it with every email. Your inventiveness will allow you to maximize how you can integrate the newest piece of tech into all your campaigns.

Improve Customer Service

Some customers feel that you’re not taking care of the customer service end enough. They may feel like you are too slow to respond to their email. Even if it happens just once, they can get the impression that you don’t care about them as a customer.

But with a number made available to them, you can establish a more positive customer experience. Customers will be immediately aware of how fast your customer service team responds to their needs. It allows them to feel confident that their questions will be addressed whether by an automated attendant or a live agent.

Increase Brand Awareness

We may be in 2022, but people still have a higher recall of numbers compared to email addresses or websites. So if you want to capture their attention, you definitely need a number. 

For maximum effectiveness, get a toll free number. This would be easily associated with your brand and what you represent. It would be more easily remembered as well, making you their first choice should they need your services.

A virtual number is the next step if you want to keep yourself in the game. Get one for your enterprise now and experience these benefits right away.

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