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Best Lift Kits For Your Jeep Wrangler

Equipping your Wrangler can be an adventure on its own. After all, you’ve got so many options for virtually any type of mod. Want Jeep Wrangler fender flares? You’ve got dozens of brands and models to choose from. The same goes for your next Jeep Wrangler soft top or light bar set. And let’s not get started on Jeep Wrangler lift kits. Picking a lift kit can be a little challenging, but this short guide can help you sort out your options.  

Shopping by Model Type 

When shopping for the best Jeep Wrangler lift kits, you need to select ones that fit your specific frame type. As you probably recall, the Wrangler comes in four different editions. The oldest style, the YJ, was first introduced in 1987. Next came the TJ, first on the market in 1996. The JK edition first appeared on dealership lots in 2007. The current model, the JL, was introduced in 2018.  

So why is this important? Each Wrangler generation introduced slight modifications. You may remember that the YJ’s suspension included leaf springs, but these were replaced with coils in the TJ editions. The JK series also had coil springs plus a disconnecting front sway bar. Finally, the JK and the recent JL series include a 4-link plus track-bar suspension system. These differences are vital to note when you’re buying your lift kit.  

Lift Kit Recommendations 

Seasoned riders aren’t just experienced because of the trails – they also know their gear. It’s wise to evaluate options for yourself, but it may help to know what other off-roaders like in their lift kits.  

Among Wrangler YJ owners, Skyjacker 2.5” Sport Series kits get top ratings. Designed for leaf spring suspensions, this kit’s noted benefits include improved load distribution and better suspension. The Sport Series features Teflon tip inserts of each leaf, resulting in greater flex capacity. Look for the version with Hydro Shocks for best results.  

If you’re driving a Wrangler TJ, take a look at the Old Man Emu 2-Inch Light Load suspension kit. This version gives your Jeep a moderate lift. It’s also designed to handle the extra weight on vehicles with aftermarket winches and front bumpers. For the smoothest ride, off-roaders recommend this kit with the Nitrocharger Sport shocks. 

Old Man Emu offers another kit for the Wrangler JK – its 4Inch Suspension Lift Kit. This version is designed for Jeeps with larger tires, but it also excels in handling added weight from vehicles loaded with accessories and gear. You get everything needed for installation with this kit. Off-riders give rave reviews to the 4-Inch kit with Nitrocharger Sport shocks included.  

Not to be left out, Wrangler JLs can benefit from the Rough Country 2.5” Suspension Lift Kit with Premium N3 Shocks. This kit installs easily, gives you greater ground clearance and can accommodate vehicles with up to 35-inch tires. And as a bonus, you get a smoother rider from the N3 shocks.  

Other Shopping Considerations Besides a winch for Jeep, lift kits can be one of the most critical off-roading upgrades. No matter what kind you choose, shop at a trustworthy dealer in off-road parts and accessories. Pay attention to your dealer’s reputation, customer service and return policies before you buy.

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