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When Is It A Good Time To Move Warehouses?

At times those who trade real goods can often look at the ecommerce sector and cry in jealousy. People who have businesses in the online world seem to have it so much easier. Their business models rely on online customers, and those numbers are only going to get bigger and bigger as more of the world shops online every year. Selling products in the real world is by no means any less exciting because you’re exchanging in the hands of customers, something that is going to make their lives better. What good is the ecommerce world if customers can’t buy the smartphones used to access products online in the first place? Every business has it’s role so as a small venture, you cannot take a chance of ever running dry of your products. Hence why warehouses are so important as they’re the lifeline you have. If the warehouse you use is not living up to your standards, it could potentially cost your sales and cause damage to your reputation. So when is it a good or right time to relocate your storage facility?

Just bad service

Warehouse companies don’t just offer businesses a place to store their products; they offer to take responsibility for them too. While your products are in their care, there’s nothing you can do to keep an eye on them. If a customer orders something from your website, how do you really know that they will get their item undamaged? If you ever make a surprise visit to the warehouse and take a look at your products in storage, it could abate your fears. The sight of ripped or torn boxes or dents and punctures are cause for alarm. Obviously, you’re not getting a great service and products that have been damaged cannot be sold any longer. It’s money down the drain thanks to mishandling and poor overall care. Sometimes you’ve just got to cut your losses and move on.

Jumping ship

It’s hard to know who you can and cannot trust in the warehousing sector. A lot of your funds are tied up in your unsold products so keeping them in pristine condition for long periods of time is your only request. Moving everything from one warehouse to another is a pain in the backside. Not only is it going to cost you time and money, but the logistical effort is humongous. Warehouse companies have no obligation to help you move your stuff into their facilities. Normally it’s up to you to figure out how you’re going to transport all your products to them. However, Freo Group is the opposite of the norm as they offer transport and heavy hauling services. They also have storage and material handling services so not only can they store your products in their warehouses, they’ll move them too. They also oversee warehouse operations to make sure your products aren’t in any danger.

There are hundreds of thousands of warehouses in the world, all dedicated to safely storing the world’s commerce. You would think that such a basic responsibility of keeping products safe in their boxes until they’re ordered would be adhered to. But mishandling and damage to products happen regularly. This kills off the product in the womb so to speak as it cannot be sold and hence you’ve just had a pile of money be burned.

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