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What do you Need to Start an Auto Repair Garage: 5 Things You Shouldn’t Miss

Building an auto repair garage from scratch is no small feat. It requires significant capital to get your business off the ground, access to a team of highly-skilled mechanics, and above all, the right equipment.

These are the five essentials you need before you can start taking on customers and addressing their car woes.

A Premises

A good premises location can make or ruin a business. Choose a location that is visible, and in a prominent location that will receive plenty of traffic and footfall. Many business owners choose a very large location, without much outside space. But often this leads to complications down the road.

As an auto shop, the outside space is perhaps the most important part. You will need plenty of space to park cars before you begin working on them. It is far easier to construct an additional structure like a shed to house your excess equipment than it is to conjure up additional parking. Go for a property with more outdoor space than indoor space, then down the road if you need more indoor space, contact best sheds.

An Air Compressor

Many of the tools used in auto repair garages are powered by an air compressor. This includes lifts, pneumatic machinery and hand tools. Because you will be using the air compressor to power the machinery and tools in your shop, it is a good idea to get the largest one you can afford. This way you will always be able to power your shop.

A Hoist

With Australia’s love of 4WDs, a sturdy hoist that can easily take on anything your customers throw at you. A four-tonne, clear span hoist with a jacking beam and wheel alignment pads should do the trick. Again, be willing to spend the money on a good hoist. A cheap hoist can be outright dangerous and the last thing you need in your opening year in business is a lawsuit because an employee was seriously injured by faulty equipment.

Handheld Mechanic’s Tools

From ring and open end spanners to circlip pliers, lamps, pans, air guns, bearing pullers etc. You need to get all the necessary handheld tools so your mechanics can do the work.

Oil Drain and Oil Caddy

The majority of a small auto repair shop’s jobs will be simple oil changes and services. Changing a car’s oil and transmission fluid becomes much easier when you have an oil caddy. One of the first purchases most auto repair shops make as they expand is a standing oil caddy that can reach a raised vehicle. This should streamline operations and make staff more efficient.

This list is by no means exhaustive. There are plenty of other pieces of kit that you need early on, including welding equipment, wheel aligners, brake lathes, pipe benders, injector cleaners, electronic testing equipment, gas analysers, and standing presses.

Depending on the type and cars and the nature of your clientele, you may need more specialised equipment as well. But this should be enough to get you off the ground and get your first few jobs.

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