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Why You Should Adopt Video Telematics

Advanced technology has led to the innovation of an improved telematic device called ‘video telematics.’ Unlike traditional telematic tools, video telematics enable you to see what’s happening within your fleet.

Besides gaining a clear insight and better visibility of what is happening within your fleet,you can also pinpoint weaknesses and think of ways regarding how to improve your fleet.

A video telematics device incorporates several cameras including the front-facing, driver-facing, side-view, and back-up options. With installed software, video telematics devices can record videos and send them to fleet operators.

Furthermore, since fleet operators can see whatever happens on the road, this encourages positive driving behaviors among fleet drivers.

Reasons Why Operators Should Embrace Video Telematics

Some reasons why operators should embrace telematics include;

It Eliminates Bad Driving Habits

Bad driving habits include using your phone while driving, as well as driving too fast. These habits may result in serious road crashes, which can lead to fatalities and massive fleet losses.

Nonetheless, when fleet operators incorporate video telematics, they can observe different driving behaviors among their drivers. If a driver is engaging in dangerous driving behaviors, the fleet operator can warn him/her in real time. By doing this, road accidents will be significantly minimized.

Fleet Drivers Will Be Held Accountable

A video telematics device can record a video of all activities that occur when the fleet driver is behind the wheel. Unlike the traditional telematics, video telematics such as those available on eyerideonline.com provide visual evidence that is hard to dispute.

For example, with video at hand, the fleet operator can correct fleet drivers regarding various driving habits, which may be harmful. Moreover, the operator will be able to congratulate and motivate drivers who embrace excellent and safe driving habits. 

Video Telematics Guarantees Continuous Improvement

With video telematics, an operator can identify weaknesses among fleet drivers. Once an operator determines the failings of his/her drivers, he/she can brainstorm strategies and policies aimed at improving driver habits. These policies and procedures may include organizing seminars for drivers to learn about positive driving habits and other road safety measures.

Other Benefits of Video Telematics

Video telematics devices are known to have other advantages which may enable the fleet companies to be more profitable. These benefits include;

Video Telematics Can Minimize the Costs of Operation

Video telematics can encourage safer driving, which reduces the number of road accidents and vehicle damage. This maximizes profit and enables the fleet company to pay lower premiums on their vehicle insurance.

Video Telematics Is a Reliable Eyewitness

In case of a road accident, recorded video can be concrete evidence that may save your driver from false accusations.  Defending your fleet company from false accusations protects the company’s reputation, which is crucial in business.

Minimizes Road Accidents

According to a survey, 20 percent of crashes involve fleet drivers. Introducing video telematics to your fleet is a good strategy to minizine road crashes that involve fleet drivers.

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