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7 Ways to Improve Your Auto Repair Mechanic Shop

There are around 160,000 independent auto repair shops in the U.S, which shows we’re passionate about our cars.

Running an auto repair shop has its challenges, but it’s a fantastic way to serve your community, deepen your knowledge, and do what you love every day. Perhaps you’re trying to improve your auto repair shop’s management and you’re looking for inspiration.

Sounds familiar? Don’t worry, you’ve come to the right place. Here are seven ways to improve your auto repair mechanic shop.  

1. Use Auto Management Software

One of our most important tips is to use management software so you can manage every aspect of your business from a centralized system. For instance, you can order parts, communicate with customers, and monitor the business’s finances. 

It’s also a useful way to schedule future appointments, such as if a customer needs an oil replacement or AC repair. Then, using the software, give them the date of the repair so they get the excellent service they deserve. 

If you’re interested in using robust software for your auto repair shop, then check out https://www.tekmetric.com/

2. Increase Employee Productivity

If you’re after business management tips, then prioritize tracking your team’s productivity, as it’s the lifeblood of your company. Make sure you set a comfortable temperature, depending on the season, so employees aren’t distracted. 

You should also provide a steady stream of water or sports drinks so everyone stays hydrated, especially in the summer. Although most employers hate this, give everyone regular breaks so employees can optimize their workday and provide high-quality work. Plus, it lets the team bond with one another so they build fruitful working relationships. 

Further, prioritize employee training so your team can navigate the software and stay atop of industry trends. And don’t forget to show the team your appreciation, either by treating everyone to lunch or sending out handwritten “thank you” notes to each individual. 

3. Consider Your Budget

Anyone who owns a mechanic shop knows how crucial tracking your store budget is. Make sure you regularly monitor your report so you don’t overspend on supplies or payroll. If you’ve recently opened, consider hiring an accountant so they can guide you through the process.   

It’s also wise to create an emergency fund so you’re prepared for any setbacks. 

4. Build a Trustworthy Reputation

If you want to improve your auto repair shop management skills, build a stellar reputation with clients. People don’t want a mechanic who cuts corners or overcharges, so go the extra mile to prove you’re trustworthy. 

You should also offer customers a guarantee on repairs, whether it’s for a period or after a set distance. This will give clients peace of mind while showing you stand by your work.

In fact, 78% of people trust online reviews as much as a recommendation from a loved one, so when you have a successful interaction with a client, ask them to leave a review. This will increase your ranking on Google while assuring prospects that your auto repair shop is the best in the area.  

5. Offer a Customer Loyalty Program

Another way to run a successful auto repair business is by creating a loyalty program for customers. You already provide an excellent service, so encourage clients to return by offering incentives like a free oil change for every 10.

You could also offer a discounted service when it’s a customer’s birthday or give them access to promotions before everyone else. Or offer clients rewards when they share your business online, so your loyalty program transforms into a referral scheme.  

6. Reduce Employee Turnover Rate

U.S businesses spend around 60% of an employee’s salary to replace them, proving that having a high employee turnover rate will cost you. 

This is especially bad for auto repair shops because you want a team that is consistent and promises to deliver fantastic results. As management, reward employees to show you appreciate the hard work they contribute to the business. 

Make sure you’re paying employees a fair wage and offer them competitive pay once they’ve been there for a while or have shown they deserve it. You should also offer flexibility. For instance, if a team member is a new parent, then let them choose which days to work or take a half-day off last minute.

If you’re not sure how to make employees happy, simply ask them. Leave a box for feedback so the team can anonymously share what’s working in the auto repair shop and what isn’t. This tells the team you want to cultivate a rewarding environment and care about them.  

7. Only Stock What You Need

Many businesses waste thousands on surplus stock, so it’s crucial that you only buy what you need.

If not, you’ll have a warehouse packed with undesirable products that are wasting valuable space. Not only is stocking popular products convenient but customers know they’ll save time visiting your auto repair store. 

To help you, use inventory management software so you can see which products are selling and which aren’t. You can then use this to help organize the store or warehouse. For instance, store popular items by the packing station to save time.  

Our Auto Repair Mechanic Shop Tips

Hopefully, you’ll take our auto repair mechanic shop onboard and offer fantastic service to your clients. 

Make sure you use auto management software to streamline the process, especially around inventory. You must also provide customer loyalty programs so clients trust you, and reward your employees so they consistently deliver great work. Good luck! 

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