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Porsche Car Care Guide: How to Protect, Clean & Care for Your Porsche

Your Porsche is a special car, and it is engineered precisely. Although owning one is a dream of many, once they have one, they do not always take care of it like they should. For your car to sparkle and look great on the road, there are certain things you should do to care for it and protect the exterior and interior. Whether you need to purchase custom fit car window shades, or you need to wash it more often, taking good care of your vehicle will pay off in the long run.

Best Car Cover Options for Classic Porsches

As a luxury car, you should treat your Porsche with more diligent care than you would another one. Although you probably want to keep it uncovered for everyone to see, there are times when placing a cover over it to protect it is important. The sun, rain, and debris can cause the paint to fade and chip. To protect it from inclement weather, or if you are storing it for a while, you should use a car cover. 

When it comes to Porsche car covers, there are a variety of materials and types from which to choose. It should fit tight enough to keep weather and dirt out, and the soft material protects the car exterior. When it comes to your Porsche, it is usually best to get a custom cover to fit your needs.

How Car Fender Covers Protect Your Vehicle

If you like to work on your car yourself, you probably understand that working under the hood can cause the fender to get smudged, scratched, or even dented if a tool falls on it. To protect your precious Porsche, consider buying a couple of car fender covers. These are fairly inexpensive and do a lot to help protect your car.

Exterior Care

Along with using a car cover, keeping your car free from dust and debris will help extend the paint job. Wash the entire car thoroughly, using soap that is specially formulated for a Porsche. Wash the body, wheels, and undercarriage. Once it is washed, drying it completely is important. If doing so by hand, take care not to scratch the exterior. Oftentimes, a blower works better and has less risk of scratching it. Waxing and polishing your car will provide an additional layer of protection and make your car stand out.

Interior Care 

Keeping care of the interior is just as important as the exterior. You should clean and condition the leather regularly and clean the glass inside and out. Use a microfiber cloth to handle the delicate surfaces inside the car.

Perform Regular Maintenance

As with any vehicle, your Porsche goes through regular wear and tear. Schedule regular maintenance with an expert to check and top off fluids, change the oil, check the tires, and inspect the brakes. 

As an owner of a luxury vehicle, you must take the responsibility of caring for it like it deserves. Care for it on a regular basis and use whatever protective accessory is necessary for the weather and conditions.

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