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How to Lift a Truck: A Step by Step Guide

Do you have a truck? Maybe you bought one in 2021, a revolutionary year for trucks. They can be great for transporting goods and for traveling long distances, and you may even be interested in lifting a truck. 

Installing a lift kit on a 4×4 vehicle is slightly different than operating a 4×4 vehicle. So, if you’re just starting in auto repair, learning how to lift a truck is very important. 

Here’s everything you need to know about how to lift a truck to get started.

Lift Kits 

When you own a truck or one with 4×4 rims then the last thing you want to do is spend money on a lift kit. Many people opt for a lift kit because it’s cheaper just because it doesn’t include new brake cables, u-bolts, etc.

Some lift kits may require new driveshafts, exhaust system modifications, steel braided brake wires, barrier brackets, axle spacers, or other items you didn’t realize you needed.   

Order parts online or pick them up at your local advanced auto parts store. If you need any of the parts listed above, or you haven’t purchased a lift kit, you can order the parts you need online through Jim Hudson’s ford parts department.   

First of all, when lifting a truck, you must follow the instructions for use that came with the lifting kit you purchased. Instructions and illustrations for all steps other than the standard lifting operation are included in the operator’s manual.

Follow The Instructions 

Follow the instructions that came with the lift kit you purchased, or follow some of the online instructions. F

Start lifting a truck as soon as you are sure it is strong enough to support the vehicle’s weight. Be careful not to drop the power supply, which should be on top of the lift when it is lying down.   

There are several ways to lift a truck. This depends on your budget. If you are planning to lift your truck, then this is a big step and you need to look for the most appropriate ways. To lift a truck, you will need tools such as a car jack, socket wrench, torque wrench, and wrench especially if you have the best truck rims which are often heavy. 

Lifting a truck can be achieved by placing items on stacked shelves, tables, racks, or pallets; or using stairs or overhead lifts were necessary to climb and minimize overhead. Retractable platforms in truck beds can be used to bring materials closer to the worker and eliminate the need to crawl on the bed of a truck.   

Raise The Side 

Raise the other side of the vehicle in the same way, using the same steps as before, but this time insert the hydraulic jack handle into the hole on the opposite side of the factory-installed jack-up point for lifting from below.

Keep raising the jack until you get to the point where you can access the part of the car you need to complete the job.

To lift safely and prevent damage to the vehicle, follow the jack positioning instructions in the owner’s manual. To prevent the jack from sinking and being unbalanced under the weight of the vehicle, place a small piece of 2x6a under it before attempting to lift the vehicle.

With the jack in place, it’s just 6 inches off the ground. Since the jack carries the weight of the vehicle, it will be harder to lift.   

How to Lift A Truck: Get Help And Instuctions 

How to lift a truck? Don’t try to do it yourself on your own. This could lead to you having an accident.

Instead first follow the instructions set out here and work out what your budget is. 

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