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Rapid Enterprises Inc/ Stamps Notifications

This article includes the complete information about: 

  • ⇨The random notifications and packages
  • ⇨Is it a scam?
  • ⇨What is rapid enterprises Inc / stamps?
  • ⇨Where the packages are coming from?   And so on

Have you received any random USPS shipment notifications or mails or messages through mobile phones or mails from rapid enterprises when you actually didn’t order any product?

If yes, you are in the right place to know whether these are really a scam or not

You may get shipment notifications like

“Order placed”

“Shipped the package”

“Your order is out for delivery”

“Your order is on the way”

“Your order has been delivered”

People who receive this kind of message, may think two things:

Firstly, why am I receiving these notifications when I didn’t order anything from any product sites like amazon or Flipkart.

Secondly, is these messages or certified mails or scams?

U get confused with these unusual and fishy messages.

The messages and notification contain the shipment and package details

Let’s know why this happens randomly and getting notifications anytime.


Rapid Enterprises Inc/ Stamps

Rapid enterprises Inc / stamps USPS tracking is a postal service providing company and also expertise in software solutions.

And it also deals with computer parts that is hardware and software too.

It is meant for its stamps and logo. It also provides rapid enterprises Inc / stamps amazon stationary service to many industries of different countries.

Every package you receive from rapid enterprises Inc has a stamp which symbolizes it’s originality.

The logo for rapid enterprises tells the loyality.

Why people receive the random rapid enterprises Inc/ stamps notifications and packages?

Receiving packages and notifications and mails has too many different stories behind it.

There are different kinds of reports and experience shared by the peoples who received the random packages.

Here is the one different truth,

If a person purchased any product from the websites like amazon or Flipkart. 

And you got it at the very fast and at the right time and you feel the product was super cool

You review the product in positive way. Then the review helps the product’s company to increase in their business.

Then they send the reviewed person a surprise gift in return for their positive review about the product.

How to find whether these notifications are certified or not?

  • ⇨Check the location from where the packages are coming from. If it is from United States address then
  • ⇨Check the mail for the tracking number
  • ⇨Check whether you got any tracking 12 – 15 digit numbers from the notification you got.
  • ⇨Go to the US parcel website and input the tracking number in the search bar to get the details of the package.
  • ⇨Then cross check the tracking ID and tracking number are same. If yes, then the package is from authorized providers
  • ⇨ If no, then an immediate action should be taken. Reach to the rapid enterprises support through mail.

Here is a story of the same case:

A person received a small e-packet package from United States postal service (UPSC), though he didn’t order any product from any sites.

It shows that, it is a China tracking number originated from Chengdu and the US postal service email also confirmed which has NY (New York) with reference to “rapid enterprises Inc / stamps”

The parcel has a generic nylon-braided 3 in 1 data cable which was cool stated the person.

It was a gift which he got for reviewing for the product (phone screen protector) from the company called “UniqueMe” from China.

Hope this helps for the peoples who got mail from rapid enterprises.

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