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Business Technology that Makes the Difference 

In current times, businesses can cut down the time taken on a task and therefore the cost of employees too, by using the latest technology. There seems to be technology available now for every function of the business, making passive income closer to reality than ever before for many business owners.

Marketing and Sales 

A successful marketing and sales strategy no longer requires a dedicated team of salespeople, a stack of brochures, or a call center. While many companies still choose to have these channels as a layer to their strategy, it is now easier than ever to market products and services with little effort and cost. 

E-commerce platforms such as Shopify and Amazon Marketplace make the sale of products wide-reaching and come complete with their own brand profile and customer following already present. Low-cost or even free website platforms, email services, and graphic design software is now available to anyone willing to tinker away at it. It can cost near to nothing to successfully market and sell a product with the options now available to business owners.


Looking after the administration of a team of employees has never been easier with HR technology now available at affordable rates. HR technology offers a variety of services for both managers and employees, including payroll and hour records, and many now offer online training services. These platforms are secure for employees to access their confidential records and offer a way for them to navigate and plan their personal development and career growth independently.

Many platforms offering HR technology can also provide a service for recruitment, enabling employers to set up applications and send updates to potential candidates. This can save substantial costs with recruitment agencies.


Technology has been playing a huge role in developing accountancy services for some time now. Platforms are now widely available to both the sole trader and the large corporations for keeping digital records of expenses and invoices and tracking cash flow and financial trends. 

As well as doing the calculations, most platforms will also create the tailored documents needed for bills and reports automatically. This makes the work of a business owner more efficient and better represented in the eyes of customers, partners, and investors.


Automation technology has been hugely impactful on the faster rollout of products on factory lines. With new blueprints of factory machinery coming forward all the time, less reliance is put on to tired employees to produce goods. The role of employees can now be more aimed at quality checks. 

It is becoming even easier to create machinery in-house that will be custom-made to suit the task. The boom in 3D printing has made this a reality. This is particularly helpful where a part may need to be replaced for a machine, as it can be quickly replicated using 3D printing, meaning that production and sales are not delayed.

The future of business

Technology is likely to continue to have an enormous impact on business services, as owners more frequently look to opt for easier technology platforms over human interaction. 

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