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Wrapping up an Industrial Project: 3 Tips for Proper Machinery Storage

Even mission critical machines sometimes need to be stored, whether in the course of a plant relocation or over the longer term. As virtually all industrial machines are extremely valuable, taking great care when storing them will always be prudent and productive.

Fortunately, a few simple tips can be used to make the storage of machines a lot less difficult in just about every case. Experience has proven that awareness of a handful of basic issues makes the safe storage of machinery a lot simpler.

Industrial Machines Need and Deserve Plenty of Accommodation

American manufacturing companies combined to generate about $160 billion in revenue in the fourth quarter of 2018 alone. In almost every case, it is the efficiency and productivity enabled by advanced industrial machines that allow for those kinds of results.

Virtually all such machines receive regular attention when in service, but catering to their needs in storage is just as important. Companies that offer secure machinery storage make a clear, practical case regarding how a bit of investment can pay off for the owners of industrial machines.

The Three Pillars of Safe, Secure Machine Storage

With millions of professionals working in related fields some ironclad conclusions about machinery storage have emerged. When storing industrial machines for any reason or length of time, it will always be wise to:


  • Dedicate enough space. Many storage related problems that afflict expensive industrial machines can be traced back to a simple lack of space. Not having enough open space when preparing a machine for storage can encourage damage that will be expensive to repair. Broken-down machines that are packed too tightly against others when stored can suffer plenty of problems of their own. Storage facilities that are too small also make access more difficult when any type of issue arises.


  • Control the environment. The managers of most modern industrial facilities emphasize the maintenance of cleanliness and order. When machines are to be stored, though, they sometimes end up in places that are a lot less hospitable. That can leave a valuable machine accumulating grime and other detritus for months or even longer. At the same, swings in temperature or other environmental conditions can be doing different sorts of damage.


  • Think about the future. Some machines end up being stored safely and easily, only for problems to crop up later on. Machines that are stored without any thought regarding how they will be removed and reassembled can be a lot more difficult to deal with than would be hoped. In just about every case, it will pay to think through the entire life-cycle of a machine storage project and to make appropriate arrangements for every step. A little thought put into how a machine will be removed from storage, relocated, and brought back into service can pay enormous dividends in the future.

Machine Storage Never Needs to be Stressful or Overwhelming

It can be daunting to even consider storing expensive machines that provide a lot of valuable service to the company that owns them. In most cases, though, a thoughtful, strategic approach to the matter will more or less rule problems out. Simply sticking to established best practices like those above should be enough to ensure the safe storage of machinery in all but the most extreme of situations.

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