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Step by Step Guide on How to Download Facebook Videos

Facebook videos is the latest trend which is totally turning the marketing of some brands, upside down. Video marketing has been on the top since this latest trend. People download Facebooks videos for a lot of reason.

As these videos are versatile in nature ranging from funny moments to important household hacks, these videos are not only cherished over internet, but they are also shared on a massive amount, leading to its popularity.

Like how to download videos from YouTube everywhere, Facebook have still been able to save their data without giving out much on download options. Therefore, this blog will elaborate to you on how to download Facebook videos.

Step 1

In order to download videos, you surely need to have a Facebook account. In case if you don’t then get down on your laptops, PC, or even mobile phones, turn on the data connection and download Facebook social media platform.

For those who already has an account in Facebook, open your Facebook account. And look for videos on your account. Although be careful with the video quality and source because this can cause Facebook orca error.

Step 2

Once you have found the suitable video. Look for the world web just below the title and next to the published date and time. You will have to make sure that the video is public or not. You can only download facebook video if it is made public.

Once you make sure that the video is public then go straight away on the video and click right side of the mouse. You will come across a lot of options slid down. Click on the option ‘show video URL’ and copy the URL. You can also select the URL and click CTRL+C to copy the link.

Step 3

Now you are done with this part. Open another google tab and type ‘free fastest Facebook downloader’ and click on the one you feel right to download. Then open the website and you will find a search bar where it is written paste the link.

You can simply right click on it and then click on the paste option. You can also click on the search bar, and then click CTRL+V. You are going to come across a green bar where ‘Download’ is written with another adjacent box where the quality of the picture is written.

You know what to do affter that. Click on the ‘DOWNLOAD’ option and your video will start downloading on the downloads folder of the search engine data.

Now that we are through the ways in which you can download Facebook videos. Let us look on a fact that may disrupt your device and that is facebook orca error.

What is Facebook Orca Error?

Pname or the package name of the Facebook Messenger app is a device which is responsible for storing all the data. Now if the video contains something harmful to the software, then a disturbing message will show.

As a consequence, conflict will rise between your mobile phone and the orca. Facebook orca error can even cause your phone to crash.

A bigger part of the problem is solved when the error itself is addressed. Now that yuoo know where the problem occurs, let us know how to fix it.

How can Facebook Orca Error be Fixed?

The first thing that you do is do not ever, I repeat, do not delete your facebook.orca. Same thing goes for com.facebook.katana folder. You need to fix them and not kill them permanently.

  • You can just go to your phone settings and scroll down to “apps manager”.
  • Then find the Facebook Messenger App and tap on the messenger app.
  • Once you tap to the messenger app, a scroll down will follow down where you will have to click on the storage option.
  • Be attentive and no matter what happens, do not click on “clear data” option. That may delete whatever stored data and history you had in facebook.
  • Tyhe final thing after that you need to do in uninstall the Messenger app and then re-install it.

Fixing facebook orca arror is an easy task. It does not need any panicking. Moreover, you will be able to download facebook videos easily. So, just follow these steps and enjoy your favorite facebook videos all day!

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