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Getting Your Name Out There: 4 Proven Inbound Marketing Strategies You Can Employ Today

Inbound marketing is essential for driving your business’s growth. It is a cost-effective way of marketing that generates strong leads. The leads then convert into customers, and the customers to repeat customers, driving your business forward.

Inbound marketing strategies are constantly shifting, and there is no guarantee that the formula that worked yesterday will work tomorrow. However, the most effective and proven inbound marketing strategies all work in a similar way.

Firstly, they attract new site visitors through smart SEO-optimized, engaging content. Then they turn these visitors into potential leads by using forms and landing pages to accumulate email addresses, before an email campaign turns them into customers. Finally, a customer becomes a repeat customer through smart content and social marketing.

These are the 4 proven inbound marketing strategies that complete this process most effectively and start generating growth immediately. For more information on inbound marketing, check out Winn Technology Group.

Optimize Your Website for SEO

 The first strategy you need to do to drive more inbound traffic is to optimize your website for SEO purposes. Potential customers search for products and services through Google. This means, the higher up your website places in Google, the more inbound traffic you get.

Sounds simple? It can be. Firstly, you need to know what keywords your customers are using to find your service or product. When you know this, head to your website and make sure these keywords feature in your titles, subheadings, and URLs.

Guest Blogging

Guest blogging on industry-specific sites drives more traffic back to your site. You produce engaging and insightful content with a backlink to your site, then publish it on a site which has a high volume of traffic and strong social media engagement.

Guest blogging is a good inbound marketing strategy that generates instant results. As soon as the post goes up you could see a considerable spike in traffic, and if all those visitors are greeted by a form or landing page prompting them to join your mailing list, you are on the first step to turning visitors into customers.

Optimize Your Google+ Presence

Google unsurprisingly gives search engine priority to businesses listed on Google+. To appear in internet searches for products and services in your local area, ensure your opening hours, geographical data, photos, and description are all up to date in Google+. This will increase organic traffic from Google.

Personalized Content 

Personalizing content towards individual customers helps boost sales and revenue. A report from the Consumer Personalization Survey found that 75% of shoppers do not mind having their personal information stored providing it brought them a better shopping experience.

This means that instead of using mailing lists to send generic offers and content, your mailing list and target audience should be sent highly personalized content.

If you need more information on your site visitors to do this, add a form asking for information such as job title, shopping interests, and hobbies etc. in exchange for a discount on their next purchase. That way, your mailing list can be split into different target groups, each with their own marketing email containing personalized content.

Using Video to Drive Traffic

Video is one of the best inbound marketing strategies out there. A HubSpot report revealed 48% of marketers use YouTube video to drive traffic. This is because nothing helps drive traffic like a highly engaging video.

Post entertaining and engaging videos with your website link in the description box, as well as a transcript of the video for SEO purposes. The right video will instantly drive traffic to your site, bringing a host of new leads to convert into consumers.

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