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How to prepare an impressive Social Media Strategy for 2018

It’s mid-2018 and so far, social media still holds the numbers when it comes to building brand awareness and getting an effective following.

Keeping this in mind, it is essential that every business continually puts in the work to increase their popularity on social media platforms.

However, it’s easier said than done. How does one come up with an effective social media strategy that will inevitably rake in the numbers?

Regardless of one’s capital, creating a great social media following is more about great strategies, rather than splashing the big bucks.

That being said, here are some great tips to keep in mind while coming up with a killer social media strategy for the better part of this year.

Setting social media goals that go hand-in-hand with company goals.

If one would like their social media marketing and advertising efforts to have the biggest impact, then it is important that they are aligned with the overall values and goals of the business.

Hence, if one is setting their social media goals, then they should make sure to have a look at the bigger picture. How can these goals have a positive effect on the whole company instead of social media alone?

Main goals to consider

Here are some of the main goals to consider when aligning one’s social media efforts to their company goals

• Increasing brand awareness-This includes follower count on one’s social media profiles, retweets, shares, and mentions.

• Driving traffic to the website- The target will be to increase the referral rate from social media, increase the number of clicks on social media posts, increase share of overall traffic, and minimize the bounce rate of social media traffic.

• Generate new leads- Have new leads spring up that originated from social media, increasing the number of clicks on one’s lead-generation social media posts, improving downloads of one’s gated content, and increasing the conversion rate of leads originating from social media.

• Boost one’s revenue- It’s monumental that one gets to boost revenue via social ads, sales revenue, and signups.

• Increase brand engagement-Brand engagement is important in ensuring that the company gains a more fruitful awareness. This can include increasing the frequency of comments per post, replies, shares and likes.

• Constructing a community around the business- This includes having a steady increase in the number of likes, posts, and comments within Facebook groups. In terms of Twitter, this refers to the number of active tweets per participant during Twitter chats.

That being said, social media is one great avenue to build brand awareness, and increase potential revenue for one’s business. For more information on improving social media strategies and marketing techniques, visit Wall Street Hedge for the latest buzz.

Having definitive end results for social media strategies

After defining the goals, one should then proceed to map these social media efforts in line to the top level goals of the company. Some of the end results to keep in mind include;

• Discovering influencers and maintain relationships with them so as to amplify the message within the new target market

• Creating partnerships with influencers as well as brands so as to leverage and increase one’s audience within the given target market.

• Last but not least, creating as well as promote branded content that proceeds to drive top-of-the-funnel growth in the new market, further positioning the company as the main option.

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