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4 Essential Rules For Running a Likable Social Media Page

To stand out in the increasingly digital landscape businesses benefit from targeted and likable social media accounts. Likable social media accounts can do anything from increasing brand awareness and generating leads to humanizing a brand and providing an outlet for crisis communications. Social media is where your consumers go to talk with their friends, share stories, and keep up with their favorite brands. Here are four essential rules for running a likable social media page.

Tell Your Story

Social media is all about storytelling. Your customers on social media are drawn to authentic, human voices showcasing their favorite brands. Use your social media accounts as a way to tell the story of your company. Who started the company and what motivated them? How has the company evolved? What was a tough moment for the company, and how did you overcome it? Stories are the currency of social media, and you should be telling yours.

Go Light on Sales Pitches

You may want your social media accounts to generate leads for your company but even soft sells, if posted too often or too aggressively, go against the unspoken social contract of these communities. By all means, tell your target audience what you offer, but do so lightly and disperse those messages in between other types of content.

Customers on social media want to know who you are, what you stand for, and what you offer. Be sure to not lose sight of the first two in your quest to share the third.

Provide Value

Social media is an ideal place to provide value to your customers free of charge. Earn trust by sharing information that is both timely and useful for your target audience. Value-based content includes blog posts, tips, tricks, and tutorial videos.

Make sure the content is posted regularly and provides a real and tangible benefit to your target audience. Companies that provide valuable content are not only increasing brand awareness but also actively generating leads and establishing themselves as a thought leader in their industry.

Use Technology Tools

Running likable social media accounts is hard work. In addition to having a robust strategy and creating the content to execute it, the best social media accounts generate conversation and actively participate in it. Technology tools can help you keep on top of your accounts so you never miss the opportunity for a positive interaction.

Invest in online services that allow you schedule content in advance for publication. Lining up content weeks or months in advance can help you generate a base of posts while you keep an eye on just-in-time communications. You can also use technology to provide ways for your customers to communicate via your app or website by integrating a service like Agora for social media. Agora provides real-time digital communications for your company as well as options for live broadcasts and video calling.

Likable social media accounts can increase brand awareness, humanize a brand, generate leads, and establish your brand as a thought leader. By using these four tips, you will be well on your way to cultivating social media accounts that your target audience will fall in love with.

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