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The Do’s and Don’ts of Attending a Company Online Virtual Meeting

Productivity in the workplace is improved by 50% when using virtual meetings and around 76% of employees use online virtual meetings for remote work. With the use of virtual meetings on the rise, it’s time to start deciding how you’ll approach this transition. 

When attending an online virtual meeting, it’s essential to know all of the dos and don’ts of virtual meeting etiquette. It’s easy to fall into the comforts of your own home when joining an online company meeting. However, it’s important you treat the meeting like you would any other company meeting. 

Continue reading the guide below to learn how to attend an online meeting. 

The Do’s

There are some do’s and don’ts when it comes to attending a virtual company meeting. Let’s first start with all the right things to do. Here’s a list of things you want to do before and during your meeting. 

Do Check the Internet Connection

Switching to virtual meetings is beneficial and convenient for several reasons. All employees no matter where they’re located can come together to attend the meeting. You save time, gas, and stress when choosing remote meetings over in-person ones. 

However, there’s one main thing that’s necessary for these meetings to be successful. That’s a strong internet connection. Always check your internet connection before the meeting begins. 

When working across time zones, it’s beneficial to have a world clock that allows you to stay on task, join your meeting on time, and complete different projects before their due dates. Prepare these things in advance. Give yourself at least 30 minutes to get everything set up and ready to go.

Do Stay Professional and Positive

As you sit in your living room or inside your home office, you may feel comfortable acting as those you’re indeed at home. It’s a must that you remain professional and positive during the entire meeting. Don’t fall into the temptation to multitask while attending the meeting.

Do pay attention to each person when they’re speaking and remember to smile and make eye contact. 

Do Remove Any Distractions

It’s not difficult to become distracted while working from home. Pets, children, neighbors, deliveries, and other events can easily cause distractions. Before your meeting begins, remove all possible distractions. 

Mute your doorbell, place pets inside their crates or outside, shut the door to the room you’re in, and let everyone in the house know you’re unavailable for the next 45 minutes or however long the meeting is. Cell phones and various tasks open on your computer should also be put away. 

Do Dress Appropriately

You don’t have to actually step foot into an office. You’re at home and most likely still in your pajamas. You need to change into appropriate office/business attire 10 minutes before the meeting starts. 

Do dress in a complete business outfit as well. You may not think others can see your pants until the camera slightly shifts or you need to get up unexpectedly, so a complete outfit is necessary. 

Do Mute the Mic When Not Speaking 

When you’re not speaking, it’s ideal to mute your mic. You might not notice how much background noise is coming from your mic, but others in the meeting will. Even if you’re sitting quietly while someone else is speaking, they might still hear you moving your hands, shifting in your seat, flipping through papers, or so on. 

To ensure you create no extra noise, it’s best to always mute your mic unless it’s your turn to speak. 

The Don’ts

You know all of the right things to do during a virtual meeting, but there are a few don’ts you need to know about as well. Here’s a list of several things you want to avoid during your virtual meeting. 

Don’t Type Constantly

We get it, the camera only shows you from your shoulders up. Knowing that you’re tempted to type during the meeting and get other things done. However, unless you’re quickly taking notes about what’s being said, you should avoid typing. 

They might not be able to see your hands, but they can see those slight movements in your arms or shoulders. They can spot your eyes shifting down to the keyboard here and there, and yes, they can tell you’re typing. To remain courteous of others and professional, don’t type during your meeting. 

Don’t Eat During the Meeting

You’re at home and always have a snack or two by your side when working. During the meeting, you want to put these snacks away. Unless necessary due to a medical condition, you want to wait until after the meeting to eat as doing so during the meeting can come off as disrespectful. 

Try to eat a full meal and get lots of fluids before the meeting starts so you’re energized and ready to go! Don’t forget to use the bathroom as well. 

Don’t Forget to Introduce Yourself

Before you begin speaking, don’t forget to introduce yourself to everyone. Let all attendees know you’re name and your role in the company. If you attend the meeting late and someone is speaking, then wait until they’re done speaking so you can introduce yourself in a professional manner. 

Don’t Speak While Others Are Speaking

Never speak when someone else is speaking. If you need to make a note of something to come back to, then do so. Always wait until it’s your turn to take the floor to begin speaking. 

Different platforms come with various tools that allow you to communicate with the entire group or host without interrupting others. Make sure you know the tools and features of the platform before joining.

Are You Ready to Attend an Online Virtual Meeting?

After reviewing all of these tips for online meetings, you should now be ready to attend your company’s online virtual meeting with ease. Keep this guide handy in case you need to refer back to it. Remember, treat this meeting as an in-office meeting, and you’ll be on the right track!

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