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5 Must-Do SEO Trends For 2019 To Follow Today

To maintain your mark in the SEO industry, you need to keep up with all the trends that are gaining immense popularity. It can help you optimize your site and achieve higher ranks in the search engine results, which will support your business growth more efficiently. In this blog, we will take you through 5 must-follow SEO trends for 2019.

1. Write Exceptional Content

Google’s algorithms have been updated to focus more on the quality of the content. The sites that provide deep, interesting content have been observed to be soaring high in the search engine rankings. This clearly indicates that if you have been just writing content for the sake of it, it won’t cause any good to you in the long run. Any good SEO Company recommends creating authentic and unique content as far as possible, as it will help you stay ahead in the competition.

2. Incorporate Voice Search

This is a big shift that may take place soon in the field of SEO service India. You should start thinking about including voice search on your website because it is going to be the most prominent feature of all times. Since people prefer using their mobiles for a quick search for any topic, voice search can even make it easier for them. However, experts are realizing that this feature may not be as useful as expected. The issue with voice search is that it differs between place, gender and class. It can be difficult to recognize different tones and sounds of the users, which will ultimately prove to be useless.

3. Start Thinking Like Google

You should make enough effort to understand the brain of Google – RankBrain, which is the machine learning mastermind behind the search engine’s technology of ranking the sites for the searches. You will need to think about the keywords that are commonly used by the users to search on Google and incorporate them into your content. You will need to be aware of Google trends and keyword trends in order to optimize your site better. This is the best way to plan your website and its features because you will be able to imagine the results directly from the point of view of an expert.

4. Focus More on the Topic Rather Than Keywords

Having said that, you need to pay attention to the use of keywords for searches. You shouldn’t cluster all of them in your content for the sake of achieving a higher number of clicks. Your priority should be to create more authentic and relatable content for the audience, which enhances the user engagement on your website. You can even try adding images or videos as a part of the content because simply lots of text can be a little less exciting to the clients. SEO service India also suggests writing content, which is meaningful rather than something that is stuffed with keywords.

5. Backlinks Are Not a Necessity Anymore

Digital marketing services have always made us believe that backlinks increase the quality of your website and make you more relevant in the industry. Now, since Google is improving in the ways of its evaluation of the quality of a website, it has now learned that not having a backlink doesn’t stop you from being significant in any way. This actually again increases the importance of staying true to your content and tells us that nothing can beat the quality of score that it provides.

A good SEO company can assist you properly in the process of site optimization, provided you know what is trending and how you want your website to be presented to the clients. The process is very interesting and as you go about it, you will definitely come across new benefits and opportunities to explore. Decide on your requirements and remember all the tips to optimize your site exceedingly well.

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