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Always in Touch: 5 Top-Rated Apps for Internal Workplace Communication

If your company wants to be on the cutting edge, then they need to have systems set up in the workplace that make it easier for everyone to communicate with one another. Luckily, at this point in history, there are several apps designed for just that purpose, like the Hush Mobile App and others along those lines. Here are five of the top-rated ones that your company should consider using.


Redbooth is a task-tracking application, but it also has built-in chat software. You can assign tasks to the employees within your company through the app, and use the same window to give them any special instructions about each project. They, in turn, can ask you questions through it. If you need rapid feedback and have a lot of chatter among your team members throughout the day, this is likely the app for you.


Basecamp can be used for internal team communication, but that’s far from all of its features. You can also use it to bridge the gap between your clients and staff members. If you have people in the company who wear many hats, like those who do website building, SEO, and run your social media campaigns, for example, they can stay in the loop on fast-moving projects by checking in with the app throughout the day. They can also share files with the rest of the team members and get feedback on anything as soon as it’s posted.


Campfire is the app which offers password-protected group chats, and if you’re part of a company that has to deal with a lot of confidential client information, this is the way to go. It’s also network agnostic, meaning that people who are on other chat networks can use it. There are also a ton of add-ons that come with it, and a lot of them are free. You can customize it depending on what’s most important to your customers and coworkers.


Slack is a well-known workplace app with some nice features. It’s intuitive, which is perfect for if you have some employees who are not the most tech-savvy. You can easily share links and uploads with people through it, and conversations are searchable in case you need to revisit something that was said the previous day or week. You can even use it to do things like create a Google Hangout from inside a chatroom!


HipChat is another of the more popular workplace apps on the market at the moment. It has standard one-on-one messaging, but also you can use it to build rooms around functional teams so that the different divisions of your company will have a place to go to compare notes about ongoing projects. You can also use its different automation features to streamline various aspects of your task list.

Having one of these apps is a necessity if your business wants to keep up with the times. You can test each of them out and see which one has the features that make the most sense for you, and some of them also offer a free trial. If you feel like progress is slow on some of your projects, these apps should supercharge the process and allow you to take on more clients and a bigger workload.

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