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Why Dubai Is Leading In Innovation

Known for its very humble beginnings, Dubai has now taken the reigns and blossomed into the innovative hub that it is today. But, how has this city become a hub for innovation?

1: Innovation Hubs

Some people search for their nearest coffee shop or Starbucks to be productive; others rent an office to conduct business. Silicon Valley has been famous for their line of incubators that promote productivity and have resulted in the likes of great minds coming together to create things like Snap chat, Airbnb and other famous applications and software.

In Dubai, government support has established an entire innovation centre to focus on robotics and wearable tech! An entire centre! So much so that it is referred to as the Dubai Internet City and it is home to various heavy hitters leading the market like Microsoft, IBM and Facebook!

2: Technology

Dubai is constantly proclaimed as a highly advanced society that has risen from the ashes, or in this case, the sands. It is no surprise that this city has also taken a leading role within this particular domain. With the recent emergence of crypto-currencies, Dubai has pushed many of its resources in making use of blockchain technology to advance productivity in other fields such as civil works, transportation, healthcare and education.

Following its initiatives of being the most technologically advanced, sustainable and smartest city on the planet, Dubai is set to host a World Expo in 2020 to showcase and impact the global world of smart building technologies, robotics and engineering!

3: Health Care

On the heels of innovative hubs and technology, this city can also boast of having one of the world’s biggest facility which is dedicated solely to health care purposes. Known as Dubai Health Care City, this facility is home to 160 clinical partners which span over 150 specialties. Along with this, public hospitals and clinics provide free services for residents of the UAE. Expatriates can also access such services provided that they have applied for a health card.

Attractive programs also infuse the economy with funds as it is projected that medical tourism program will contribute a massive 708 USD million by 2020.

4: Real Estate

Neighborhoods such as Madinat Jumeirah Living showcase the innovative nature of the property market. Top real estate brokers in Dubai have the rare chance to continuously showcase properties such as Madinat Jumeirah Living but not only in the luxury category but also in all other market segments and it shows no signs of slowing down.

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