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5 Tips To Acquire Accurate Customer Data For Your Business

The Importance Of Customer Data

If you’re going to most effectively serve clientele in a way which results in reliable profit increase over time, you need information from which to build your strategy. Sometimes acquiring client information can be easy, sometimes it’s going to take a little work. Following are a number of tips to help you maximize data collection.

1. Surveys

You will be able to get data from clients by conducting surveys. Try to aim for satisfied customers, and additionally offer incentives for survey completion. Use answers from positive surveys for testimonials if you like. But if you’re going to go that route, it’s also wise to see if your unsatisfied customers will fill out surveys and tell you what they didn’t like.

In stand-up comedy, there’s an old saying: you’re more likely to learn something from a comedy set that goes bad, than from one that goes good. Well, in terms of surveys, the same kind of thing is true. The “bad” survey may not properly represent your company, but it will properly represent the perspective which is among your target demographic, which dislikes the products or services you provide.

So find creative ways of conducting surveys, and equally important, ensure you know how to parse the data between those surveys which are ultimately positive, and those which are negative.

2. Software Designed To Make Data Visible

With read-only AWS credentials to AppOptics, you can get some surprising insight very swiftly; according to AppOptics.com, you can: “Add your read-only AWS credentials to AppOptics integration for AWS CloudWatch and watch the magic happen. Typically, within minutes you will have beautiful, interactive, live dashboards for each of your AWS services.”

This kind of information can be absolutely fundamental in terms of helping your operation hone its outreach efforts. You can see who buys, what demographic they match, when they’re most likely to buy, what they’re most likely to buy, and to a degree why. This is only the tip of the iceberg pertaining to available data you can examine.

3. Researching The Industry In Terms Of Sales And Demographic

Beyond AppOptics, you need to conduct general industry research on a continuous basis. In the 90s, video games were seldom if ever marketed at females. Today, they are often marketed this direction. The demographic has shifted. Your demographics will likewise shift over time, and if you’re not keeping an “ear to the ground”, as it were, you’ll likely be caught off-guard on this one.

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4. Closely Following Competitor Sales, Tactics, And Clientele

Who are your competitors catering to? Is it a demographic you can likewise serve, or is it one which is slightly separate from your primary group? Baby boomers and millennials use smartphones; but how those devices are marketed will differ per each group. You’ll need different tactics.

Look at competitors, see who they’re attracting, and figure out how they’re attracting them. It’s almost like holding the mirror up to yourself, but not quite. You get to see yourself from another perspective. Your competitors likely look at your business similarly to how you look at theirs.

5. Continuously Examining Internally Derived Numbers

You’re naturally going to accumulate data about your clients. Maximize that data collection. Use SEO analytics both on-site as well as off-site to see who you’re reaching, and why. Figure out what this information indicates. You need to identify trends as they develop, and act accordingly.

How many clients do you currently have? What’s your existing rate of conversion? Which demographic is most likely to switch to your products or services? Where did they hear about you from, and what prompted them to make the change?

You can do a very reliable job of answering these questions simply by examining internal data. Establish a process of continual internal examination and you’re likely to come up with some surprising insights. Use technology available to you like cloud computing. Design apps amid the cloud aren’t the only kind you can use; and AppOptics is just the tip of the iceberg.

Better Data, Better Sales

Information can help you hone operational efforts for greater success over time. The more information you have, the more complete a picture you can make of your operation. This allows you to optimize more cost-effectively, reaching more clients with less expense and experiencing sustainable increases in profit over time.

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