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Top Tips to Find the Right Solicitor when Moving Home in Essex

Solid Legal Support Makes the Moving Process Far Less Stressful

 Selecting a solicitor to guide you through the moving process is an important decision. Choose the right support to make everything go smoothly.

 Essex is one of the biggest property hotspots in the UK. It has remained so despite difficulties in the broader economy and the Brexit uncertainty that hascaused some dramatic wobbles in the housing market in other parts of the country. As such, there are thousands of people moving house every month within the county, and whether they are first time buyers getting that first flat or families moving into a million pound home in the suburbs, every one of them will need to employ the services of a solicitor or conveyancer.

As the person or company charged with getting the legalities dealt with and the contracts drawn up, choosing the right legal support to guide you through the sale and purchase is vital. When it comes to solicitors for moving house in Essex, there is plenty of choice. The following tips will help you make the right appointment for a  stress-free house move.

Listen to recommendations, but don’t blindly follow them

When making any purchasing decision, personal recommendations are always one of the most powerful factors. If you are looking for a plumber, a nice restaurant or even a new car, you’ll chat to family and friends and if they’ve been through a similar process and had a good experience, that will be more influential than any online advertisement. However, when it comes to a solicitor, make sure the firm has experience in conveyancing. Just because your friend had a really good experience with a law firm that helped him with his personal injury claim, don’t assume they will be equally well placed to deal with your house move.

Bigger is not always better

A huge law firm with lots of partners and a big advertising budget might look highly impressive. But will it provide a better service than a smaller local solicitor or conveyancer? Of course, there is no clear-cut answer to that question, but do not fall into the trap of assuming bigger is better. A large firm will have plenty of resources, but can sometimes lack the personal touch. Moving home can be a stressful process,  and you want to know you have a professional watching your back. This is not necessarily the feeling engendered if you never speak to the same person twice.

Consider location

With skype, email and all the rest, we are accustomed to working in partnership with people who are at a physical distance. You could certainly take this approach when appointing a solicitor, but think carefully before doing so. This is one area in which local knowledge can help things go far more smoothly, particularly when dealing with the council or local authority, and conducting searches. Aside from that, though, the client / solicitor relationship is a close one, and however good the technology, there is still no substitute for meeting someone in person and looking them in the eye.

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