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Office location: What it means for business

There are so many important factors that go into starting and running a business. From company branding to employee wages, there are a range of different areas that need to be carefully considered in order to make your business a success. For most companies an office is the main place of work. Whether you employ 20 or 200 people, most buildings are fairly similar and are equipped with the same amenities. Choosing a location as a base for your business may sound like a simple task, but it actually involves a lot of consideration.

To find the best location for your business, it’s likely you’ll complete your research online or visit an agency who specialise in this area. Whether it’s an office block or an industrial unit, companies like Pall Mall Estates have a wide range of buildings which are sure to meet your company’s needs. When we talk about location, that doesn’t just mean what can benefit the business; you also need to consider your employees. Is important to maintain the balance between what’s best for the business, and also what makes your staff members happy too.

Public transport& accommodation

Having different methods of public transport close to your location is important for both employees and clients. Not everyone has access to their own vehicle, so making sure there are train stations and bus stops surrounding your building, means that everyone can get to work on time. Depending on what industry you’re in, you may hold client meetings so this is important for anyone travelling from afar as well.

Similar to public transport, any clients who are traveling from a far distance may need accommodation for the night. This won’t be necessary for all businesses but for some it will be and it’s an important factor to consider. Although it’s likely there will be hotels in city centres, they may be far away and it reflects well on your business if it’s something you’ve already considered.

Selecting local suppliers

It’s inevitable your business will need some form of supplies; some more than others. By locating as close to your chosen suppliers as possible, means a small delivery charge and easy access if you need any last minute supplies. Other factors that need to be considered are bad weather and deliver times. If your supplier isn’t based in the local area then their journey time could be affected by weather conditions and a delay in getting to you; potentially affecting your business.

What’s in the local area?

Although it’s not a necessity, locating in an area with shops and restaurants will appeal to some people. It’s nice to have the option to do something other than sit behind a desk during your lunch hour and having local restaurants means an alternative option for client meetings and team outings. A lot of people prefer to just stretch their legs during the lunch time, so as we’ve said, restaurants and shops aren’t vital, they’re just an added bonus.

Location can be the deciding factor as to whether your business is successful or not. Strategically planning where you’re going to set up, takes a lot of thought and planning. Above are just a few of the points which you may want to consider but make sure this isn’t a process which is rushed.

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