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Keeping Your Factory Safe for All Those That Enter It

As an owner of a business that operates out of a factory, you have a duty of care to all those that enter your workspace. You and you alone are tasked with keeping every single person that steps foot in your factor safe from harm, whether they’re employees of yours or just visitors to your site.

To ensure that your factory is a safe, hazard-free workspace, you have to put the following pieces of advice into practice sooner rather than later.

Keep your concrete floor in top condition

Because of how durable it is, you have more than likely chosen concrete as you factory floor — durable or not, however, concrete still poses a massive safety risk if it isn’t kept in top condition. Due to the unique way in which it absorbs water, for instance, it can become slippy, incredibly quickly. What’s more, foot and vehicular scuffing can result in it omitting fine dusts and particles into the air, the likes of which can cause serious damage to an individual’s eyesight if they were to enter your factory without proper eyewear. It is of the utmost importance, then, that you keep your concrete floor in top condition throughout the lease that you take out on your factory workspace.

If your concrete floor has show particular signs of wear and tear, then it is advisable that you look into the concrete floor resurfacing service that ICS offers. By having your floors rehabilitated in this kind of professional fashion, you would be able to be sure that your concrete will not only remain durable for years to come but that it will also stay safe for years to come too.

Inspect and maintain every inch of your factory

Look after your factory, and it will serve you and your business well for many years. To be able to look after your workspace, you need to inspect and maintain it consistently. By allowing problems to fester, due to the intensity of the work that you perform in it, the safety of your factory will soon become compromised.

When it comes to inspection, you should leave no stone unturned. You should perform tests quarterly to ensure all of your equipment is working, and you should provide your staff members with safety training at least twice a year.

Treat flammables with the utmost care

It goes without it saying that flammables should be treated with the utmost care. So to ensure that you don’t send your factory and your business up in flames, you need to be ensuring that all of your flammable goods are stored away safely.

In this instance, it’s crucial that you eliminate as many ignition sources as you can. To do this, you should:

  • Remove spark-producing pieces of equipment – even lighters.
  • Ensure that no smoking whatsoever takes place in the confines of the factory.
  • Use explosion-proof tools in particularly hazardous areas.

To keep your factory safe for all those enter it, you must heed all of the above advice. Doing so could, one day, see you save a life.

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