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5 Boat Business Ideas That’ll Make You Rich

As a boat owner, wouldn’t it be great to take your vessel and turn it into a cash machine? After all, the cost of owning a boat isn’t cheap. There are insurance, maintenance, and docking fees, and using your boat to make money would be an ideal situation.

Yet, maybe you’ve never considered having a boat business or you’re unsure of how to start a business altogether. If you are looking to learn about how to turn your boating passion into a profit this article is for you. Here are five boat business ideas that can make you rich!

1. Sight Seeing Excursions

One of the easiest ways to start a boat business is by hosting sightseeing excursions. Depending on the type of boat you have all you need is a captain’s license to get started. If you live in a town that is a popular tourist destination, this is a great boat business.

You can easily attract customers through social media and sharing any knowledge you have about the city with travelers. While seasonality will play its part in this business, it still is a way to make some money in the warmer months.

2. Brunch & Dinner Cruises

Another boat business idea is brunch and dinner cruises. Some captains have made a fortune by hosting boat cruises centered around cuisine. Pairing a good meal with wine or champagne can help someone turn a special occasion into an unforgettable night.

People are willing to pay top dollar for anniversary dates, birthdays, and engagement celebrations on a boat.

3. Dolphin and Whale Watching

While we’ve covered a few boat business ideas, using your boat to host dolphin and whale watching tours is another simple yet effective way to make money.

These tours are great for people on vacation and they tend to last for a few hours. If you are familiar with where dolphins and whales can be easily spotted this can be a great business opportunity for you. One piece of business advice is to do some research to understand the competition for this type of business in your area.

Creating a website or working with a local marina can be a great way to get customers for your new boat business. The sooner people know about it, the sooner you can start making money.

4. Supply Courier

An additional way you can use your boat to make money is by being a supply courier. Every day captains go out to sea and every day at least one of them forgets something. Maybe they need a snack or something to drink.

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Maybe they need more bait or bilge cleaner from Better Boat. No matter what, it is as the supply courier you will have what they need and can charge a considerable amount for it. It is important to note that there will be some licensing requirements that you have to go through.

So you want to check with the appropriate government agencies before starting this boat business.

5. Rent Out Your Boat

One final way to make money with your boat is by renting it out to others. Like Airbnb for a vacation rental, you can use services like RentABoat, GetMyBoat, or Boatsetter to turn your boat into a cash machine.

For this boat business, you set your prices, get the renter’s application, and if everything looks good, set a date and time to hand over the keys. The average boat owner who does this can make thousands of dollars in profit.

Are You Ready to Start Your Boat Business?

Starting a boat business doesn’t have to be hard. You just have to find the one that works for you. Yet, with these business ideas and the right boat, you will be bringing in the big bucks this summer.

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