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Brilliant Events to Host in Coworking Spaces

Coworking spaces are known for the strong community that’s held around it and the different activities that are programmed to spark networking and relationships between tenants. Among the most popular ones are happy hours and conferences. Nonetheless, there’s a huge list of events with defined objectives: networking, pitching, watching, making, and learning. Here are some ideas coworking spaces can do in order to fulfill these different necessities.


These events are done for people to get to know everybody.  Because the goal is to socialize, fun activities that involve some laughter and food would help everyone “break the ice”. It’s really important to have regular events of this type because they will guarantee newcomers are welcomed and feel rapidly comfortable around the community.

Weekly Morning Breakfasts

There’s nothing better than to start the day with some great waffles and a chat. A good idea is to gather everyone on Mondays so they can talk about the activities that were done over the weekend.

Weekly Evening Happy Hours

Food and nice beverages are a great social combination. So why not planning a Wine Wednesday or Tequila Thursday? This is the perfect opportunity for tenants to mingle and talk about their lives. A nice way to surprise people is by designating themes like Costume Night or Jungle Fest.

Food Truck Spectacle

If a coworking space is in a location where food trucks are one of its main attractions, a good idea is to gather people to have a lunch out of the office and explore the new trucks. Great event for food lovers, right?

Holiday Party

Common celebrations gather people around. Therefore, Christmas, Thanksgiving or Valentine´s Day can be the perfect excuse for having a party. In order to have some sharing, different dynamics can be done like playing Secret Friend or having a big lunch where everyone brings a different ingredient.


Coworking spaces have many entrepreneurs and startups that will love to pitch, show their products and listen to new ideas they could incorporate. This is an opportunity for making events that will help entrepreneurs develop confidence, improve their presentations skills and a chance to attract new investors and customers to their business. For more information contact PowerPoint designers and experts

Bounce Ball

A company or entrepreneur is selected in order to receive as many possible ideas on a specific subject. After this, members would stand up in a circle and toss around a ball. Whoever holds the ball when someone says “stop”, has some minutes to bounce ideas off about the subject.

Screwed Up Nights

This meetup will encourage entrepreneurs to talk about their business failures and share the lessons learned. This gathering will also permit the community to help each other and recover from failure.

Pitch practice

Entrepreneurs and startups can sign to practice in front of an audience their 30-second and 3-minute pitches, and receive possible questions that may arise during a formal business presentation.


Sight is one of the most used senses. So, why not stimulating it to have some fun?

Host a Film Screening

Accommodate a space to place a large video beam and various puffs on the floor. Different types of movies from terror to comedy can be projected once a month. Two essentials things to have during the movie: popcorn and hot-dogs.

Craft Show / Art Show

A coworking space has the perfect layout to host an art or craft exhibition. The open space creates a nice flow for people to look at the different pieces, and why not, take a new accessory for their house.


When people have to combine different skill sets to achieve a goal, this really brings the community together. Plus, this will stimulate creativity and spark inspiration.

Fitness classes

Many coworking spaces are opting to offer different fitness classes to create a harmonious work-life balance within their tenants. Yoga, pilates or stretching are some of the classes given.

Day Trips

Being part of a coworking community doesn’t mean people relate with each other merely during office hours. Some events motivate people to strengthen their bonds even when they’re not in the office. For instance, weekend trips to make some hiking or nice walks, are ways for team building.

Demo Fair

Coworking spaces have different environments within the space. One of them can be used to organize a fair where companies show their products. This will help them have instant feedback from other people, sell their products and make some alliances with other tenants in the place.


People love when they get to have fun and benefit from new knowledge. This is why there can be limitless events under this category depending on the specific community.

Monthly classes

What knowledge and skills do the members need? For instance, if a coworking space only welcomes interior designers having a class about appliques or embroidery may be ideal. A local expert, or why not, someone from the community, can prepare monthly classes to offer tenants.

Panel discussions

This is all about putting hot topics on the table for people to participate and discuss around them. This will make it easy for many to engage and assist to the event.

Do you have any other ideas to add to the list? We would love to hear them.

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