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Life is a beautiful journey. As much as it is full of challenges, it comes equally with things to feel happy and thankful about. However, as we’re caught up in the grind, battling through our struggles, it’s quite common to feel depressed and not experience any happiness through the difficulty.

While the difficulty is something nobody in the world can eliminate, what can be done is tailoring the response and lifestyle to manage it best. The key to enjoying your life indeed rests in the little things that you do daily.

Here are five small ways you can follow to step up your happiness quotient and appreciate the gift from God:

Make Time for What You Love

It goes without saying that you must cater to the priorities of your life religiously. However, in between your life’s goals, it’s also important that you realize that you are the most important person in your own life. As much as you have duties to fulfill, you must give yourself a chance daily to do what you love. It could be reading books or watching movies or even playing Sudoku.

If its your work that is keeping you too busy to do anything else, a good way to take out time can be by writing down your daily schedule, setting priorities and a specific timeline for different tasks and stick to it. This way, you can systematically and successfully squeeze in a few minutes for your favorite activity every day.

Assume Responsibility for Yourself

It is quite commonly seen that people are extremely unhappy because they feel they’re suffering due to mistakes of others. However, it’s pertinent that you realize ‘your life is your responsibility.’ It’s only your actions that can define the shape of your future.

Once you change your attitude and assume full control and accountability for yourself and your actions in mind, you’re more likely to do your best and have a better outlook towards everything. This is sure to lead to better outcomes in all your pursuits and make you happier with the results.

Additionally, as you turn responsible for yourself, you also need to be careful to insulate yourself from the negative company, substance abuse and other vices. Life is indeed all about choices, and assuming responsibility also means making the right ones.

Adopt Simplicity inYour Lifestyle

It’s quite common to hear from your grandparents or older people about how much happier they were earlier because of the simplicity of their lifestyle.

While you might not be mindful about your lifestyle on a day-to-day basis, it’s good to note that the small things, which you do as a part of your daily life, shape up your overall happiness quotient.

For instance, keeping a watch on the food that you eat largely impacts the state of your mind. Regular physical exercise, walking or even playing an outdoor sport over obsessive time spending with the mobile phone after work releases endorphins and significantly lifts your mood.

Proper sleep is another basic requirement, and it shouldn’t be compromised for anything. Additionally, making time for loved ones as a habit will also improve your personal relationships and make your life feel fulfilling.

Improve Your Awareness and Focus

The circumstances life can throw on us sometimes is something that is completely beyond anybody’s control. However, what you can do in such instances is respond and not react to ensure that your actions don’t induce further damage.

In that sense, having good self-awareness and presence of mind helps to identify the situation and come back with  a meaningful response. If you’re mindful of your actions and responses, you’ll always be in a better spot to deal with anything that’s meted out to you.

To improve such awareness and focus and to use it to your advantage, meditation helps immensely. With the abundance of guided meditations online or through mobile apps, it’s much simpler to get started with the practice.

Take Care of the Important Things

The quality of your life depends on your state of mind. If you’re constantly perturbed, naturally you will be inadept to enjoy your life at all. While many things and uncertainties are beyond the ambit of our control, there are many aspects that we can consciously take care of in advance.

For instance, finances are very important to ensure the comforts in your life. Over spending and finding yourself in soup during a crisis is something that can really turn out to be depressing. It’s good if your budget and spend in a planned way.

Additionally, calamities and illnesses seldom come with a warning. Use insurance to avoid unfortunate events from taking a toll on your mind and pockets.

Protect Your Loved Ones

The family is one of the most important parts of your existence. All the wealth you accumulate is mostly to ensure their prosperity and stability. Then why not protect their future with plans like term insurance.

You can buy term insurance, completely online at a nominal premium. A term insurance sum-assured (S.A.) equal to 20 to 25 times of your annual income will offer sufficient protection to your family if anything happens to you.

You can also opt for additional benefits like the accidental cover which includes disability benefit and critical illness covers. These are available at a small additional premium over the base term insurance premium but are extremely helpful benefits.

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