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Brief Explanation of SEO Difficulty at your Behest

For all keywords, SEO Difficulty would be required to measure how challenging it could become for having your page rank in the top search engine results. It would also assist you in assessing whether investing your efforts in specific keywords would be worth your time and effort or not.

In case, you were contemplating on getting your website to rank on the first page of Google; your landing page would be required to encompass two crucial things. It would be inclusive of strong topical authority along with decent targeting of keywords. You could certainly not miss the broader topic in the content.

Let us delve on how to evaluate the aspects mentioned above for calculating the SEO Difficulty metric.

  1. Topical authority 

You would often ponder on the question how the topical authority of your landing page would fare in comparison to the average topical authority of the pages listed in top 10.

You would also be required to ponder on the number of landing pages having higher topical authority stand between you and the listed top 10.

  1. Topic and keyword targeting in engaging content of landing page 

Another question to seek an answer to would be the number of keywords and topics already targeted by your landing page. It would be about the on-page SEO. Let us consider some important on-page factors. It would be inclusive of meta-description and page title. However, it would also be imperative to add other on-page signals.

Moreover, several other factors would also be taken into consideration. A significant aspect would be the number of leading websites in top 10 that would be virtually unmovable. These websites would be leaving fewer available slots on the results listed on the first page.

Another important aspect that would be relevant, especially for landing pages ranked outside the top 100 would be required to count the precise number of authoritative pages comprising complete or partial matching of the keyword in the title. It would be imperative for targeting the same keyword along with representing prospective customers.

Based on the aspects as mentioned earlier, SEO Difficulty indicator would be calculated for every keyword, topic and landing page. It could be hard, medium and easy.

The major difficulty for entering the top 10 would be based on the following levels:

Easy – It would take your least time and effort.

Medium – It would take considerable time and effort.

Hard – It would not be recommended to tread down this line for now.

When it comes to hard level, you would be able to go through the specific factor affecting it, primarily when you deal with the indicator.

The keyword has been currently ranking on the 44th spot. The top 10 results would be considerably more authoritative. Also, you would come across eleven other pages having higher topical authority ranging from the 44th spot and the listed top 10. It would make it relatively more difficult to deal with top 10 positions for this keyword, as for its current position.

Alternatively, find another example where the level of difficulty would be deemed easy. You would only be required to have a part of the keyword in title, having three pages with higher authority ranking between ranks 10 to 52, your authority comparable to top 10 LPs and having no big website in top 10.

As a result, it should not be a barrier that should be crossed between the website and the top 10 positions. As the landing page would have a partial keyword in the title, some onsite optimization would probably help in jumping the ranks.

Designing of the difficulty metric 

The top 10 difficulty metric has been designed to assist you in choosing wisely where to invest your SEO efforts. It would be recommended to try a reliable SEO strategy that would be best for avoiding directly tackling of the hard keywords at the initial stage. However, it would instead look forward to working around them by building up topical authority in the best manner possible.

It would not be wrong to suggest that by working on easy keywords and gradually moving them up towards the top 10, the specific authority of your domain available on various kinds of topics, as seen by algorithms stipulated by Google, would increase quite a bit. However, when such a thing happens, the hard keywords would become medium, and the common keywords would become relatively easy. As a result, it would help you in enhancing easy to rank high on keywords that have been rated previously as being difficult.

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