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How to Create A Profitable Blog

Gone are the days when blogs were created to inform and to entertain other people. It’s a form of expressing one’s passion, knowledge, and skills. Nowadays, the purpose of blogging goes beyond these things. Many people have ventured into blogging to make extra income online. It’s a source of income for certain individuals and it also became online marketing platforms for various businesses. Here are the steps on how to create a profitable blog:

  1. Create a Blog

Here’s the first step that you need to do – Choose one topic that you will focus on. Avoid combining several interests especially those that are not related to each other. The next step is to pick a domain name. The domain name should be related to what your blog is focused on and it should also be catchy enough for people to remember. Check if the domain that you have chosen is still available. Avail of web hosting services to keep your blog up and running. Install a blogging platform which is usually included in the package once you avail of web hosting services. Finally, choose a theme that best suits your blog. You can either download the free themes available online or avail of the premium themes that you can buy for a certain price.

  1. Create Content and Drive Traffic

To know what content to create for your blog, search keywords using keyword tools and check those that have high search volume. Also, check the type of content that gets typically shared on social media. Check other blogs that have similar or related topics as yours and find out what type of content works well for them. Start creating posts based on your research. Your posts should be superb and they should standout compared to your competitors. Promote the content of your blog to start driving traffic to it.

  1. Set-up a Subscription List

Your goal is to drive traffic and keep your audience coming back to your blog to read or view your posts. You do this by making them follow you on social media or letting them subscribe to your newsletter or your e-mail subscription list. In this way, they can be alerted whenever you have new posts in your blog.

  1. Build Trust with your Audience

Before selling your visitors with products or advertising anything on your blog, it’s important to build trust. You can do this by giving them valuable content through your blog for free. It should be something significant that will be of benefit to them. Once they realize that your advice is good, they will start trusting you. It will make them curious about the valuable insights that your paid offers, products, and services can give them.

Ways to Earn Money through your Blog

Every now and then you would read about bloggers who are successful in blogging that they have given up their office jobs because they already earn enough to cover for their daily expenses and their other wants and needs. Don’t be fooled. Their blogging success didn’t happen overnight. They put a lot of time and effort to be successful in blogging. Don’t expect to earn a lot right away once you setup your blog and start adding content. It could take months or even years before you finally profit from your blog.

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