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Click2sell – Banner Advertising Platform In 2020


I’ve been wanting to make another income online for a while to help out with extra bills around the home, but I hadn’t found the right way to do so. Somehow I stumbled upon Click2sell.co on a blog that I read and got really curious about the possibility of using this platform to help supplement my monthly income. So, I decided to write this Click2sell review to help other people decide whether using this advertising platform is the right choice for them.

How It Works

This platform is a self-service banner advertising platform. Basically, it means that Click2sell’s members can easily create custom online advertising campaigns from scratch. This means that members have full control over not only the category of the campaign, but also the format, headlines, design, and audience definitions, so it’s quite simple to create a unique banner ad campaign that’s able to grab people’s attention. Since the platform is intuitive, users can adjust their advertising campaign quickly and easily to keep up with changing demands and hopefully improve the performance of their ad in the process.

I was a little nervous about creating my first advertising campaign because I hadn’t used any other marketing platforms online before (yes, you can call me a newbie I guess), but this platform is fairly easy to use, even if you don’t have any prior experience. The better a campaign does, the more the member who launched it will be paid, and in a moment we’ll discuss how members are rewarded for a campaign’s performance. Before you get paid, however, you need to make an initial investment (the minimum initial deposit is $250, but basically, there are various packages available) and then create your first marketing campaign. First, you click “create campaign” so that you can fill out the basic info, targeting, content, and preview of your ad. Then you select how long your banner ad campaign will run, and also which category it will be listed in, including computers, arts & entertainment, sports, fashion (and others), and how many impressions you want, which depends on your budget.

After filling out all of this information, choose the banner that you are going to use and then select the dimensions for your new ad. You can then decide where your ad will be placed on the website, choose a pre-written headline, and preview the ad to make sure that you like how it looks. Finally, all you have to do then is click on “save & launch campaign” using the handy button.

As you can see, the actual process of creating an advertising campaign Click2sell’s platform is fairly simple. Once the ad is placed and other people click on it, then the creator of the ad can start making money. Advertising campaigns creators will be paid each time someone clicks on their ad (up to 85% of the revenue generated by each click), and also be paid per acquisition (or sale) generated by the ad campaign (again, the member receives 85% of the commission paid for each sale).

My Final Thoughts

Overall I think that Click2sell.co is a user-friendly marketing platform, and it seems like a legit way to make extra income online if you’re willing to invest the time and money (not much actually), even as a marketing newbie. While some people may balk at the idea of investing in their campaign, you can earn good money if you create a quality ad campaign (or multiple campaigns). Don’t forget, when it comes to creating a profitable online business, the bottom line is the same, also with Click2sell – If you want to really succeed, you must stay focused, patient, and be persistent.

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