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Rethinking your Strategy – 10 Blogging Mistakes That May Be Slowing Down Your Website’s Growth

You’ve started a bog to complement your website. That’s brilliant. But, you’re not done. For your blog to be successful, there are a few common mistakes you need to steer clear of. These include;

1. Not having a linking strategy

Links are now a top three ranking factor in Google and other search engines. The more authority links pointing to your website, the higher you will be ranked. You need to take this very seriously.

2. Using low-quality images

This is assuming that you use images in the first place. Images increase engagement, but quality images are what will help you convert prospects. So, invest in a high-quality camera, or hire a professional photographer to help.

3. Failure to integrate videos

Videos currently enjoy the highest engagement rate of any content on the internet. Don’t miss out on this opportunity. Have a video strategy and make sure the videos you post reinforce your messages.

4. Ignoring site speed

Just like with websites, page download time is very important for your blog. Currently, more than half of internet users close a page that takes more than four seconds to load. Don’t be a victim.

5. Posting too much or too little

While there are no rules governing how often you should post, industry experts recommend one post daily when you’re getting started and three posts every week when the blog is established. Anything lower or higher than that might cost you.

6. Using “Click Here” as a CTA

No one clicks “Click Here” CTAs anymore. So, don’t go there. Instead, use everyday words when linking to other resources on the web. The name of that resource and relevant keywords are two options to consider.

7. Not answering comments

If you have a comment section on your blog (and you should), you need to create time to respond to comments in that section. When you don’t respond to comments, your readers feel like their input isn’t valued and may leave.

8. Not optimizing for search engines

SEO is a must. It is the only way to force Google to rank your posts higher in search result pages. Higher ranking results in greater visibility and more visits. This, in turn, results in more leads and conversions. Consider a reputable SEO company such as Underground SEO Solutions to help.

9. Not integrating social media

You cannot miss out on social media sharing in this age; it is where all the chat takes place. To take the conversation to social media, use social share buttons and #hashtags.

10. Failing to analyze your campaign

No blog is created perfect. Even the popular blogs you see today that get millions of visitors each month started somewhere. The reason they’re so successful is that they improved and adjusted as they progressed. You too need to improve as you grow. So, track KPIs such as daily traffic, conversions, and ROI and later analyze these figures to find insight to help you grow.

Obviously, this isn’t the complete list. But, if you can avoid these 10 mistakes, you’re on your way to success.


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