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Business Reopening- How To Get Your Premises Ready

The vaccine rollouts bring good news for Australian businesses as reopening is on the cards. Getting employees back is a big responsibility as the virus is still here, even though it is under control. The challenge gets more daunting if you operate in customer-focused domains like retail and hospitality. Even the smallest safety lags can cause havoc, with concerns like sick employees, consumer lawsuits, and lost reputation. It makes sense to have proper protocols in place. Fortunately, you can achieve a lot with some extra attention to premises safety. Let us highlight the physical aspects you must prioritize for premises safety in the new normal.

Sanitization and hygiene are crucial

Workplace safety is the top priority at this point, and it goes beyond the regular measures. Sanitization and hygiene are crucial to eliminating germs and viruses from the workplace. It isn’t a one-time task as you have to follow a regular schedule to keep the coronavirus in check. While a complete professional job gives you a good start, daily cleaning is important. All high-touch surfaces need to be cleaned and sanitized several times a day. Clean premises will make employees and customers more confident about stepping in.

Get ready for social distancing

Social distancing comes next on your premises readiness checklist. It is a norm now and will stay around for the foreseeable future. A change in the floor layout is a good idea if you have ample space. Alternatively, you can consider scheduling shifts if there isn’t enough space to accommodate the entire team. Many Australian companies are already using this approach. For customer-facing businesses, limiting the foot traffic inside the premises can be a good way to follow social distancing guidelines.

Don’t skimp on pest control

When virus safety is on top of your mind, it is easy to forget the basics like pest control. But it is the last thing you should overlook. A stray rat scampering around can drive customers away. Even employees wouldn’t want to see spiders and ants under their work desks. There are good chances you will have them around after a long time without occupancy. Luckily, there are many pest control companies in the Sydney area. Look for the best Commercial pest control company Sydney NSW and get professional pest control well before opening up. They will drive the lurking intruders for good and seal the entryways to ensure they never return.

Invest in inspection and maintenance

Another aspect you must cover before reopening is a thorough inspection of the building. There could be some maintenance issues with the structural elements and functional features due to neglect. Call a building contractor to have a good look at flooring, electrical fittings, and plumbing fixtures. A maintenance job for the HVAC systems is a good idea because the place will require proper ventilation to be virus-safe. As a final touch, you can renew the premises with a fresh coat of paint.

A clean and healthy workplace will make your employees feel safe, welcome, and happy. The same applies to premises where customers will drop in when you reopen. Follow these simple measures, and you are all set to open your doors again!

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