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5 Traits to Look for When Hiring a Physician for your Medical Practice

You have opened your medical practice, and things are going so well you are looking for physicians to join your staff. Chances are you have resumes flooding in and aren’t sure exactly the best ones to interview. Choosing the correct physician for your practice can be a long and tedious task.

There are few professions where hiring decisions matter as much as in healthcare. The wrong person can leave you with malpractice suits, open to various investigations, and ruin your medical practice’s reputation. The tips outlined below will help you find the right person for the job. 

1. A Physician Who focuses on Patient Care

People who deal with the public, especially in healthcare, need specific traits. They will likely have to deal with difficult patients, ones who can be angry or out of control, and those who are even combative. It is essential to employ physicians who can deal with every patient type.

●    Empathetic and Compassionate

During the interview process, make sure they know how vital their role is in patient care. They will see many different patients with a wide range of conditions and will need to understand how to interact with them. Physicians need to understand they are responsible for their patients’ health and welfare and remind them how they feel when sick.

●    A Good Listener

To effectively treat the patient, the physician has to listen to them. People know when they are being heard or if they are talking for no reason. This is why the applicant needs to be aware of the importance of focusing on the patient entirely. Plus, if they’re not focusing on them, they can miss essential symptoms. Also, if you have ever gone to a doctor and they didn’t listen to you, you know how frustrating it can be.

2.  3 C’s of Patient Care

●    Consistency of Care

This means that the care of the patient does not vary from caregiver to caregiver. Many physicians treat the same illnesses in various ways, some of which are highly effective and others that don’t seem to work. This is why it’s essential to hire a team who can work well as a team. This requires excellent communication and ensuring you hire the right person. 

●    Continuity of Care

Patient hand-offs are a time when communication is the most important. The next shift can make errors if they are unaware of what has or has not been done. At the same time, medical charts must be updated, but it is not enough. When hiring a physician, make sure they are aware of this.

●    Coordination

Each patient care team member should be aware of their medications and educate them of any possible interactions. If doctors and nurses do not communicate frequently, they may give the patient a drug that could interfere with another one. One of the main benefits of this is that all people involved in the person’s care can work together to put together treatment plans.

3.  They are Flexible

There is so much changing in the healthcare industry right now that physicians have to be flexible. Things that people used to work, we now know they don’t, so new ways of patient care have to be found. This change influences how physicians are running tests and creating treatment plans.

Medicine is advancing faster than ever before. From new ethical rules put in place to the latest type of testing equipment, it can easily cause frustration and mistakes. There is no proven way to prevent this, but it helps when the medical staff are flexible and willing to learn.

4.  Pay Special Attention to the Applicants CV

A CV is Curricula Vitae and will tell you the applicant’s credentials, education, and training. When going over the, CV pay attention to any misspelled words, grammar mistakes, or inaccuracies because knowing how to write a professional CV is very important. Once you have viewed the CV, select the top 10 applicants you believe will best fit your practice. Also, be sure to check whether the candidate has acquired the relevant certification in BLS, which means that they’ll be able to provide immediate assistance in emergency situations if necessary.

5.  Ensure the Applicant has Good Time Management Skills

It doesn’t matter what type of physician you hire or the setting they work in. Time management is essential. Time management isn’t just for your medical practice; it is crucial for overall health and helps to avoid burnout. The last thing you want is to have an employee quit because of burnout.

Many skills are essential when looking for the right person to hire. During the hiring process, it’s critical to talk to the applicant in person and over the phone. If you already have a care team started, think about bringing them in to help with the hiring process. Once you hire someone, make sure to go over the paperwork entirely, so everything is clear between the two of you.

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