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PMI-ACP Training Grants You an Edge

An effective project manager is a sought-after entity for any company, they can be a challenge to find, especially ones who possess a PMI-Agile Certification or Project Management Institute-Agile Practitioner certification. This is a tool used by the most effective project managers to navigate the Agile framework to effectively and rapidly complete projects. This course has pre-requisites which need all participating professionals to learn about Agile and during the course, it equips all professionals with practical experience in navigating the framework, with all its tools and techniques. The PMI-ACP training provided by KnowledgeHut is suited for professionals looking for an effective tool that sought after and is viewed highly across industries as a tool for rapid advancement.

Agile Management Training gives professionals an immersive and in-depth understanding of the framework and offers practical experience with the tools involved to successfully manage complex projects faster while reducing errors.

What the Course is about

KnowledgeHut is a registered education provider of the Scrum Alliance and is one of the most recognized and credible educational providers for Agile based courses. Their PMI-ACP Training covers all aspects of the Agile framework along with the tools and techniques needed to effectively manage it. The training is offered in both a convenient online classroom environment and a traditional classroom environment and has eligibility pre-requisites:

All candidates must possess 2000 hours of general project management experience within the past 5 years along with 1500 hours of being part of an Agile team in addition to the general project experience. Additionally, 21 hours of credited Agile practices is required. Upon the course completion, candidates are required to create a login and download an application form from the PMI’s online system. Once the exam forms are filled, they must pass the exam which is a 3-hour multiple choice question exam with 120 highly technical questions. In the duration of the course, professionals are taught by world-class industry experts. During the course, key elements like –APM Framework, Agile Compliance and Agile strategies are taught to professionals. The online course is offered over a convenient 5-hour module. The course also has instructor-led training for 24 hours in a practical classroom and requires you to gain practical experience through hands-on scenarios being implemented under the supervision of the instructor.

Professionals who enrol to the course via KnowledgeHut are provided with 100 days of free access to the course e-modules, 21 PDUs and 21 SEUs and a free mock exam. This PMI-ACP Training course also covers aspects of Agile that focused on principles like opportunity cost or OC, Agile Risk Management and ROI strategies. Professionals learn to manage the complexities of PMI-ACP in a method which enables you to navigate the framework to quickly resolve issues.

Key Takeaways

The PMI-ACP training guarantees that professionals are knowledgeable in various aspects of Agile and are capable of using it as a project management tool. This skill is valuable across the scope of business by being useful in departments like marketing, advertising and product development.

Why KnowledgeHut

KnowledgeHut is a global REP or registered education provider of the Scrum Alliance and has instructors who are considered the best in their field. KnowledgeHut is responsible for some of the most highly trained and skilled PMI-ACP professionals in the market A certification from KnowledgeHut is considered as proof of mastery of this tool to many major organizations across various industries.

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