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Why Is Dubai’s Always On Top Of Every Traveller’s Bucketlist?

Dubai can be described as one of the world’s trendiest places to currently visit. Known for its adventurous yet cultural and luxurious side, this Emirate city certainly has a lot to offer and here is why this city is always on the top of every traveller’s bucket list.

1: To Visit The Most Enchanting Fountain Display

Located within the remarkable Dubai Mall, this water fountain is the largest water fountain on the face of the planet. It is also known as the most spectacularly choreographed water show in the world. Therefore, not only would you be mesmerized by its spectacular show, but it’s perfectly choreographed timing to an array of music would leave you speechless. The display during the day is also quite different from the display at night due to the fact that the night displays feature 6,600 lights – it’s simply amazing.

2: For A Wild Escapade in the Desert

You’ve probably seen a million and one pictures of amazing adventures which only seem to take place in the Arabian Desert. You’ll be sure to take in the unbelievable setting as well as the camel trek across the sands. It certainly gets more exciting as you can also experience dune-surfing and quad biking. The view from a hot-air balloon is also a once in a lifetime experience that no one can afford to miss.

3: Luxurious Real Estate

New projects in Dubai is a never-ending scene for the property market, therefore, travellers also have the ability to purchase their dream property. Emaar Beachfront apartments offers an exclusive option for foreigners looking to escape the mundane routine of life. The exclusive Emaar Beachfront also offers a wide range of apartments which overlook the Arabian Gulf or the Marina. With well-appointed properties such as these, your vacation would never be the same.

4: To Visit The World’s Highest Building

Dubai features the world’s highest structure “Burj Khalifa” since the year 2008. At 2,717 feet tall, Burj Khalifa is certainly an architectural wonder and it certainly is a spectacle to be seen.

5: Impressive Malls

Dubai is known for having some of the best and fanciest shopping malls that the world has ever seen. This emirate city also features the Dubai Mall, the biggest mall in the world with 1,200 retail outlets, an ice rink and an even a giant aquarium. The malls are a massive hit for locals and tourists alike, you’ll also experience shopping like no other at the customary souks or markets. This makes shopping an all-encompassing experience.

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