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Manage Your Budget Better with These Apps

If you’ve decided that taking better care of your money is a priority for you, technology is your friend.

Although it’s good to switch off and spend as much time as possible in the real world. When it comes to managing your finances, having access to a smartphone or tablet is a real boon. Why? Because there are now numerous apps that you can use to track every aspect of your financial life By doing this, you can really get to grips with your spending, making it easier for yourself to save money and actually make your money work for you! If that sounds good to you, check out these essential finance apps:


If your main goal is to save money, then Acorns is the app for you. What it does is actually pretty clever, it takes the idea that every cent counts very literally and it automatically rounds up any payments you make, so should you spend $2.30 on a drink at your local coffee shop, it will charge you $3.00, putting that spare $0.70 into trade funds. If that sounds scary, you’ll be glad to know that the stocks it invests your cash in are low-risk and because the rounding up is usually too small to be really noticeable, it really works.


If you don’t just want to save money and perhaps get a little grow out of it, then you need Wealthfront, which is probably the best app there is for making portfolio investments. It’s a robo advisor that helps you to work out where you should be putting your money if you want to see it grow, and best of all wealthfront fees are way more reasonable than those charged by a financial advisor. In fact, if you have less than $10,000 in investments with Wealthfront, you don’t have to pay them a dime!

Credit Karma

If you’ve had problems with cash flow and debt in the past, and you’re looking to put all of that behind you to build a safer, more solid future for you and your family, then you really can’t beat Credit Karma, which basically gives you tips on improving your credit score, so that should you need to get a car loan, mortgage or whatever in the future, not only will you be accepted, but you’ll be  eligible for a lower rate. What’s not to love?


Of course, the cornerstone of good money management is having a budget and Goodbudget is the perfect app for that. Based on the old-fashioned method of splitting your cash into four separate envelopes for different things, it makes looking after your finances easier than it has ever been before – you can even sync it between people so that your spouse and you can both look after the family budget together, It’s pretty great.

Armed with all of these apps, you will easily be able to manage your budget better, save more money and make greater gains should you decide to invest. Of course, this will only happen if you actually use them and use them consistently. If you want to be financially well-off, there is no cheating!

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