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How to Start a Mobile Phlebotomist Business

If you look around the Web, you will see all kinds of advice for starting a mobile phlebotomist business. Unfortunately, most of those sites leave out the one very-most important bit of information. You’ll need to be a phlebotomist first and training is of utmost importance. Some states don’t require special training while some do. Even so, to set up a business and get good rates on insurance, you will want to be credentialed. In other words, find the best phlebotomy training you can find. That is the first step! Now let’s look at starting that mobile phlebotomist business, from a business perspective that is. But before moving ahead, we would suggest you to visit this site for a complete guide on phlebotomy courses online as getting your phlebotomy certificate is not a big deal today and many online platforms are offering online courses in this regard.

Choose a Name

Here is another point many of those sites omit. They jump right intotelling you to register in your state as a business entity. You can’t do that without a name, can you? What would you call your traveling phlebotomy service? That’s what you need to register your company. And, make no bones about it, you will need to register with your state.

Why Registering Is Important

This may sound like a moot point, but it is of extreme importance. You will be sticking people, probably for a number of different clinics and healthcare facilities, so you will need to cover yourself with the proper insurance in your state. You can’t get that unless you are a registered and fully licensed business -and your state will at least require that! Often, mobile phlebotomists travel from home to home, drawing blood from homebound patients, and so a clinic’s insurance wouldn’t cover you, simply because there is none! You are on your own. The bottom line here is that you can’t do anything at all unless you register with your state and purchase at least the minimum required insurance within your state.

Open a Business Bank Account and a Way to Accept Payments

Always keep your business funds totally separate from your personal funds. (You’ll thank us for this advice the first year the IRS decides to audit you!) Never comingle funds! That can’t be said enough. Once your business account is set up, it’s time to investigate the various ways you can accept payments direct to your account. Remember, Medicare may approve some of those payments, as will other insurers, so make sure you run with a reliable billing company with lots of positive customer feedback. This is another very important aspect of running your own mobile phlebotomy business. You do want to get paid, don’t you?

Marketing Is the Last and Ongoing Stage

Finally, you want to start acquiring clients. The only way to really do that is through marketing and whether you do it yourself or hire a professional marketing firm, people need to know you’re out there. You will find that being listed with Google Local is one of your best options because most people search for new services online. Think back to the last time you picked up the yellow pages to look up a phone number and you’ll understand the importance of a website and being listed on Google.

The next person who needs your services is likely to say “Okay Google. Call a mobile phlebotomist in Your City” and your business name should come up. If you’re lucky, it may even be listed first! Good luck with your new venture. Healthcare is in crisis and this is one step towards being part of the solution.

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