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Safety Measures to Protect Your Employees and Workplace

Every organization must take steps to protect their employees’ health and wellbeing. It is, therefore, important to introduce the best systems, policies, and procedures to continually provide every team member with a safe environment. Learn more about the best safety measures to protect your employees and workplace.

An Effective Security System

There are multiple security systems you can implement into your office. Different businesses will have different requirements and budgets, which can protect your employees while preventing both loss or damage to your premises, equipment, and data. To identify the most effective security systems for your company, consult Eurolink Security for a bespoke solution to complement your needs. For example, you can install a burglar alarm system, security cameras, or an access control system.

Fire Safety Solutions

Never underestimate the importance of fire safety within your premises. There are multiple risk factors that could result in a fire breaking out in your workplace, such as an electrical fault, arson, or a kitchen fire. You must, therefore, provide every member of staff with fire safety training, so they understand the evacuation procedure and know where to find the correct extinguishers. What’s more, you should also consider installing a comprehensive fire safety system to monitor, detect and extinguish onsite fires as soon as possible.

Sight Tests

Staring too long at a computer screen can impair eyesight, cause headaches and result in tired eyes. Employers should, therefore, provide all members of staff who regularly use computers with free sight tests to protect their vision. Also, encourage members of staff to take frequent breaks so their eyes can rest.

Entry Gates and Barriers

Protect your workplace and employees from unwanted trespassers by installing entry gates and barriers on your premises. The security gates will stop people from attempting to gain access your property, which can provide your employees with peace of mind that they are 100% safe.

Slip and Trip Protection

As employees will come and go throughout the day, it can be easy for members of staff to experience a slip or fall in the workplace, which could result in a team member seriously hurting themselves. Not only can this impact an employee’s health and safety, but it can also result in a worker’s compensation claim. It is, therefore, important to maintain a clean and tidy workplace, so continually review your environment to ensure it is free from obstructions with clear pathways.

Health and Safety Training

Each employee must understand how to conduct themselves in the workplace to prevent risking the health and safety of others, as well as themselves. To do so, you should provide your team with health and safety training, which should detail potential hazards and risks they may experience at work and how to avoid them. Also, keep track of all health and safety training provided, so you can identify the best time for employees to take a refresher course.

Have you experienced any safety issues at work that could affect the health and wellbeing of your employees? Post a comment below.

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