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How to Choose the Best Mini Crane Scales for Your Applications?

Overhead crane scales have substantial applications in multiple industries for improving the efficiency in unloading and loading operations. These crane scales also boost safety during operations. However, there are several crane scales that are cumbersome and bulky. For this reason, many industries prefer to use mini crane scales that offer a small form factor but can measure the loads accurately, even up to 30 tons. You can also find mini crane scales that can calculate loads of up to 300 t. This article will help you learn some important things about mini crane scales and help you to choose the best mini crane scales for your applications.

What are Mini Crane Scales?

A mini crane scale is one type of crane scale that is small in size but can boost the safety and consistency of unloading and loading operations. In the market, you will also find some rugged mini crane scales that are useful for rigorous use in the industrial environment. These accurate systems can increase the repeatability and safety of any operation that involves crane work. A mini crane scale involves a crane weigher with a capability of 0.1% full load error. An electronic crane scale consists of a digital display to show you digital data.

How to Choose the Best Mini Crane Scales?

Crane scales have crucial applications in refineries, foundries, ports, oil rigs, wind turbine installations, manufacturing plants, aerospace facilities, and several other industrial environments. Therefore, depending on the application area, you should carefully choose your crane scale. However, you must consider the following things before you choose a mini crane scale for you, such as-

  • Small Form Factor:

The crane scale’s physical size is significantly important. A large crane scale will reduce the lifting height of the crane. This limitation is known as called headroom loss and due to this limitation, you can not lift an object as high as you could before the installation of the crane scale. Therefore, it is important to choose a crane scale that offers a small form factor. 

  • Reliability and Ruggedness: 

You should not choose a mini crane scale that affects its ruggedness due to its small size. Your crane scale should have the ability to endure vibration, fatigue failure, dust, shock, and occasional water spray. The balance between safety and small size has to be maintained in your mini crane scale.

  • Connectivity:

The mini crane scales have to be capable of showing data through wireless or wired connections based on the model. You can also go for a mini crane scale that offers Bluetooth connectivity.

  • Accuracy:

Accuracy is the most important thing that you need to consider for selecting a crane scale. It is better to choose a mini crane scale that provides 0.1% accuracy of its full range. 

  • Safety:

The mini crane scales should provide safe operation for several years. Before you choose a mini crane scale, consider the factor of safety of its load cell and hook built. 

Therefore, when you are trying to purchase a mini crane scale, you have to check all these things.

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