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4 Security Issues Businesses Face and How to Prevent Them

When you are running a modern business, it is quite difficult to get a clear picture of the number of security issues that you are facing. The most critical of these need to be addressed to ensure that your company is in the most safe and secure position possible. So, the following blog post is going to be all about the security issues that your company is facing and what you can be doing about them.

Not Having Enough Visibility 

An expanding business is what every business owner dreams of. When your company grows to a certain size, and you are no longer sure about your IT assets and how they figure into what you are doing, there is no doubt that a continuous controls monitoring (CCM) system from the likes of Panaseer can be highly useful in all sorts of different ways. A big part of this comes down to improved asset visibility. CCM uses advanced data science to provide a highly accurate inventory of devices across the business. That means you are able to see if there are any risky assets that need to be addressed, such as a laptop that does not have the proper antivirus software installed on it. 

Human Error 

A huge number of issues that occur are the direct result of human error, which means that you must ensure that you are fully on top of training and developing your employees. Even picking out the basics, such as ensuring that they have full and complete knowledge of current email phishing scams and what needs to be done about them, is a highly useful starting point that is worth taking fully into account. 

Weak Passwords 

It may seem like another basic mistake, but it is also one that gets made far too often. Ultimately, if you do not have a system in place of strong passwords that are changed on a regular basis, it is all too easy to get into a situation in which they are hacked. Therefore, you need to make it a company policy to ensure they are constantly updated. If you end up in a situation in which these are being forgotten on a frequent basis, you can do something about it with a password manager system and/or implementing multi-factor authentication. 

Lack of Data Backup 

The final issue that is going to be discussed is the simple lack of data backup. Failure to backup your data can easily result in a situation in which your business suffers as the data gets lost or is otherwise compromised. In the modern world, there is no real need for this problem to be faced, so make sure that you are not in a position of carelessness in which it happens to your company. 

These are a few security issues facing modern companies, but it is always worth bearing in mind that these are changing and evolving all the time. With this in mind, you certainly need to be ready to face any of them head-on, creating backups and training your employees regularly about these issues.  

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