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3 Biggest Information Bottlenecks in Your Organization and How to Address Them

Effective communication is one of the most important principles of managing a successful organization. Without effective communication, achieving organizational daily targets that built up to the strategic objective might become a challenge. The success of any organization depends on the individual efforts of every member, and without communication, these individual efforts might sabotage instead of supporting the organizational goals. Some common barriers to effective communication include the following.

Physical barriers

Ever tried to hold a meeting in a busy street? Imagine the noise, distractions, many events competing for your attention, and other obstacles. Physical barriers go beyond the common challenges in a busy street to include the barriers in your office. The model, design, outlook, location, size, and technological uptake are some physical barriers to effective communication. Imagine trying to have a meeting with your cashier with customers streaming in every five minutes.

Eliminating physical barriers can be simple and quick. For instance, organize your meeting at a venue outside the office setting. Try searching unique meeting rooms? on Google to get the best venue for meetings and events hosting. Experts encourage managers to consider a change of environment to encourage effective communication. Instead of holding your meeting in the office, where employees are tempted to check their outlook emails every five minutes, take it to a new setting where everyone will be motivated to concentrate on the meeting.

Lack of team chemistry

Great team chemistry is a combination of member’s talents, the right attitude, compassion for each other, synergies, support, motivation, and positive energy as well as cohesiveness among staff members. You might employ the most talented, competent, and skilled work-force in the industry, but without the team chemistry, little can be achieved. According to Wright State University, team chemistry encourages effective communication since all employees are motivated to achieve a common goal. The concept of synergies dictates that when two units combine and work together, the output obtained is three instead of the two individual units. By encouraging team chemistry, employees are motivated to respect, love, and be compassionate and emphatic towards each other, and this encourages effective communication.

Some ideas to improve team chemistry include:

·         Encouraging employees to interact outside the office through team-building events. By giving your employees an opportunity to interact outside the office, you eliminate the competitive and intense pressure associated with office datelines and allow them to interact as friends, colleagues, and family.

·         Emphasizing team performance rather than individual performance. Remember, the organizational objectives can only be achieved if every team member works towards a common goal.

·         Ensuring tasks and rewards are distributed fairly. All employees should feel they are rewarded fairly according to their contribution. Favoritism and injustice towards some employees breed resentment in the organization.

·         Ensuring there is transparency in terms of recruitment, promotion, dismissal, and awarding of bonuses.

Lack of Clear policies and structures within the organization

What is the organizational structure? Who reports to whom? According to Forbes, establishing a clear reporting structure in the organization encourages employees to follow the established chain of command when seeking clarification or making complaints. For instance, if an intern in the finance department has a challenge understanding the accounting system, he or she should seek help from the finance manager instead of going to the company CEO. Policies and structures enhance effective communication in the following ways:

·         Ensures there is no duplication of roles

·         Ensures all employees understand their job description

·         Gives managers progress updates regarding employee performance

·         Enhances training and continuous improvement of employees

Thus, achieving organizational goals can be an uphill task without effective communication. Using these strategies, you can enhance communication within your organization.

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