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How 3D Product Animation Can Make Your Next Pitch More Engaging

For your pitch to be successful, the content and your presentation have to be highly engaging for your audience, regardless of whether they are your prospective clients or investors. But isn’t the design of your pitch deck equally important? Of course, it is! According to a report published by Adobe, two-thirds of the audience, given a limited amount of time, prefers looking at content that is beautifully designed instead of something that is plain and boring.

If you are serious about getting nothing but the best results from your next pitch, you will need to grab the attention of your audience with the help of presentation tactics – and animation is one of them. In this article, we will share how 3D product animation can make your next pitch a lot more engaging. But first, let’s understand what 3D product animation is and what are the business use cases for it.

What is 3D product animation?

Animated product videos or 3D product animations are an audio-visual approach to presenting your product with the help of 3D animation. This type of video works really great for engaging your audience and giving them a clear idea of the look and feel of your product in a realistic way. The software for creating such types of videos have become really advanced over the years and provide countless features to help you create just the kind of video you want.

Why would a business use 3D product animation?

Makes things easier to understand

Nothing works better than using 3D animation videos for explaining the various complexities about your product in a simple way. This is why so many product creators use it to explain their complex products in a quick and concise manner to their clients.

Works well for both live and remote meetings

There are times when you cannot travel to your client’s office and have to join a remote meeting to deliver your pitch. For situations like these, you can share your 3D product animation online. This is as close to a live product demo as you can get.

Can be used for various purposes

You can use a single 3D animation video for various purposes like social media marketing email marketing and online advertising. Not just that it can also be reused on your website. Using the same clip for various purposes can make it really affordable and profitable for your business

Gives you a competitive edge

More often than not, a pitch is delivered using a slide deck. By using 3D content instead, you can stand out from the crowd and capture the attention of your viewers in the best way possible.

How to create an engaging sales pitch using animation

For creating engaging 3D product animation, your pitch needs to be highly targeted, relevant, and memorable. In order to achieve this your pitch needs to be scripted perfectly and should include things like problem positioning and your unique selling point (USP).

Once you have an engaging sales pitch ready, it’s time to convert it into a 3D animation video. You may choose to use animation software for creating the video on your own or hire a video production agency for the job. However, it’s best to hire a freelancer who provides 3D animation services, if you are on a tight budget.

How 3D product animation promote brand success

Helps you reach new audiences

Consumers spend a good amount of their time online, watching videos and checking social media updates. By creating 3D animation video and sharing it across social media platforms, you can create brand awareness, reach new audiences and promote your brand or products.

Lets you showcase your offerings

Using 3D product animation can be a good way to showcase your products and highlight their main features for the audience. By sharing the product information in a visual style, you can allow your audience to have a virtual experience of your products.

Demonstrates Credibility

As a marketer, the better you can justify the value of your product with respect to its functionality, the more you would appear credible. By using 3D product animation effectively, you can impress your audience and win their trust.

Strengthen Your Brand Image

When designed well, videos can make your product appear truly valuable and leave a lasting impression on the viewers. This can have a positive impact on your brand image.

How to Find a Professional 3D Product Animation Service

Search for keywords like “3D animators” and “3d animation service” on reputed freelance job boards such as AnyTask. Shortlist any talent profile that is active and has a decent rating for their recent work. Another option is to check with your peers for a reference, if they have worked with 3D animators in the past.

Wrapping Up

If you want to stand out from the crowd, make your pitch high-impact, and increase message retention, without breaking the bank, then you should use 3D animation in your next pitch!

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