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Few Marketing Tactics That Can Build a Brand and Generate Sales

In human, love, fear, and hunger matters, as well as visual stimulation is embedded deeply. The reason is that most of the information is visually transmitted in the brain, and they are processed in 13 milliseconds after being transmitted to the brain. Social media platforms are taking advantage of this human condition of visualization with success. And amongst several social media platforms, Instagram has quickly risen amongst the top four social media platforms that are driven by contents.

Instagram is an image-based social media platform and has a large number of engagements compared to other social media platforms. It has around 800 million active users, and they make 4.2 billion posts daily. So, you need to make sure that your brand is heard in so much noise, and there are ways for it. Following are some of the ways through you can build free Instagram likes and following and increase your revenue.

Before that, you can also buy Instagram likes, but however you get your followers you should keep your followers engaged to make them loyal followers.

You Should Create an Action Plan
You should have a strategy different from others to get noticed. Your goal is to target audiences who have the chance to be a potential customer and then buy the product or service from you. You got to make posts which resonate with your followers,and that will make them buy your product/service.

So, your job is to recognize the demographics of your followers, their concerns, their behaviors, motivations, and their goals. If you can recognize these things, you can tailor your message and make them attracted to your posts. You need to ensure that your posted image and message invokes curiosity in your audience, make them act, and they feel closer to the brand. Through this, you can expand regular followers base and use the baseline as an advantage for your overall strategy.

You can target various objectives with Instagram tactics, such as, increase the awareness of your brand, build the loyalty of your customer, drive sales, etc. When you define your goal, you are going to be able to know the approach for your every step.

Evoke Emotions
Every relation is built on emotional attachment, and so is a relationship to any brand. Logics and reasoning will be there, but the motivation always comes from feelings, which guides the intention of a customer to pursue to buy a product over other products. It is not that rational approach can’t gather customers, but it is seen in a study that emotional campaigns gather twice the number of customers. So, when you are selecting an image for your post, make sure that the emotion is at the center of the image and also at the front.

But the fact is that not every emotion is responded equally by the audiences. It is seen that common sentiments such as amazement, interest, admiration, and astonishment are highly viral content. Negative posts are shared less, while positive posts are shared much more.

Building Visual Narrative
Try to show images of your authentic customers who are using your products/services. This will make the buyers know how they are going to feel after buying your products/services. They will relate them to the customer when they will see how your customer is enjoying buying your products/services. This is how visualization is built, and more people will get connected to your business.

At the time of posting images of your existing customers, don’t forget to show their face, as face conveys emotions the best. It is a known fact that 38% of photos with faces are liked, and around 32% gets comments. The more your photo is authentic; there is always a better chance to make a relationship with your customer. Therefore, you should try to use a real person in your image.

Conversation Creating
Your posts on Instagram needs to start conversations, without conversations you wouldn’t get loyal followers. You need to encourage that your followers become a community soon. The participation makes the followers connected to you, and the relationship becomes strong with the customers.

Purchase Path Simplification
In research, it is seen that around 72% of users have purchases things that they saw on Instagram for the first time. Instagram is building up tools continuously to ensure that consumers and marketers get connected in a big way so that the shopping experience becomes actionable and it facilitates the impulse purchases.

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