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7 Things You Need To Create An Amazing Business Opening Day

Starting a business is an exciting time for any entrepreneur, and there’s a lot to consider, such as finance, marketing, stationery, taxes, and more.

Planning For Open Day

Once you have all of the necessary legal necessities out of the way and you’re ready to launch, you will need to consider how you will launch and, if you can, welcome your new customers with a big opening day event.

Here are a few ideas to get your event going.

Get an entertainer or music band

Nothing sets the mood quite like a live band welcoming your customers in style. Nothing is quite as effective at setting the tone for your new business as hearing a sound that tells customers, “you’re in a whole new place.”

Whether you’re selling shoes or computers or consulting services, music or an entertainer can make all the difference.

Check out Alivenetwork.com for some great entertainment ideas!

Make sure you have plenty of stock on hand

Most business owners know that inventory is an issue that comes up over and over again, and it’s the same for any stock you may run out of on your opening day.

Make sure you have enough products available to keep customers satisfied while they are enjoying your open day celebrations.

Get a bouncy castle or other fun inflatables

Is your business kid-friendly? Welcome kids and their families with kid-themed entertainment.

This could be a bouncy castle, trampoline, or even a face painting artist for the kids. It can also help to bring in some foot traffic from the local area, which is always good if you’re trying to get your name out there.

Get some great food that will appeal to your customers

Do you have a food-based business? Make sure you serve some delicious food that goes hand in hand with your industry.

Food always brings people together; if you’re selling food, make sure you have something tasty and delicious to serve up for your customers.

Make sure there are chairs for people

If you are making speeches, people will need somewhere to sit down and enjoy the day.

Bouncy castles are great, but they are not practical for speeches or adult guests!

Make sure to provide tables and chairs for your guests.

This way, your guests don’t have to worry about where they’re going to sit down, and your business still looks sophisticated, organized, and professional.

Have an eye-catching sign-up

No matter how loud your music is or how interesting you are on stage during your open day, your business name is not going to be noticed unless you can create something visually appealingĀ such as anĀ electronic message center.

Think about what your business name is and how you wish to present it.

Is it a single letter title, an all-caps name, or a full sentence? Does the font look old-fashioned and outdated? Or does the font look modern and up to date? All of these things will affect the overall feel of your business on the day.

Have an amazing countdown

Balloons and streamers are great, but a countdown timer is a key to making people feel like they’re moving towards something.

Make sure you use a countdown timer to keep everyone on time and in the right mindset for the big opening.

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