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A Guide to Celebrating Your Business’s Uniqueness

Is your business doing amazing things? Do you want to commemorate your successes? Of course! So many companies have incredible employees and work hard every day, and that deserves celebrating. There are a few steps you can take to highlight what your business stands for and create a community around your work. Whether it is increasing morale within your company, or sharing your vision with customers and potential clients, there are multiple ways to get your unique brand the spotlight it deserves.


Beyond simply doing good for your community, volunteering has quite a few benefits. Internally, volunteering is great for team building and building rapport between employees. It puts team members in a new situation and possibly a new location. If an activity is new to everyone, it is a bonding experience in that everyone is trying something for the first time together. Externally, volunteering is a great way to show how much your company cares about making an impact. You already know how much your business does to improve the world, but it’s great to have others celebrate it as well. When your name is associated with a great cause, this is likely to happen. Corporate volunteering is a triple threat — it improves employee relationships, improves your community reputation, and gives back. Contact a local animal shelter or food bank for volunteer opportunities, or search for them at Createthegood.org.

Host an Event

If your company is doing great things, you should share them with the world. And this means teaching others how it is that your business has such a good culture and environment. Host an event to highlight everything that your company is doing right. It’s easy for people to get caught up in everything that goes wrong in their lives, especially at work when jobs and money depend on it. So turn that thinking around and create an event that showcases the best of your company and shows others how they can follow in your footsteps. Don’t feel ready for an entire event? Try getting some speaking gigs at other conferences and shows. It will boost morale to show employees how well they are doing, and will also show off your success to the community.

Internal events are also a great way to show appreciation for your hard-workers. Consider hosting an official awards ceremony where top performers are recognized for their dedication to the company. Apart from formal awards, you can also plan small events that show your gratitude, with activities such as a fun dinner, paint night, or escape room challenge.

Document Your People

It is easy for employees to start to feel like they are just numbers, even at small businesses. You know that they are all respected, but do they know how important they are? One way to show how interested you are in them and that they deserve to be honored is through video. And you don’t need a fancy camera to do it! Grab a smartphone with a fast processor like the Galaxy S8 plus, and get to filming around the office. Follow around one employee per week or month to create a “day-in-the-life” series. Or ask a bunch of employees how they will be celebrating an upcoming holiday. Or just simply capture a fun lunchroom scene. Photos and videos can be shared internally, or on social media for customers to enjoy. Either way, your employees will love having their 15 minutes of fame and will definitely feel appreciated.

Your company is amazing — so make sure everyone who works there knows that they are a part of that magic, and let everyone else learn from and enjoy watching what you do! Taking a few simple steps to celebrate yourselves can boost morale, create positive feelings from the community, and more.

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