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5 Small Business SEO Tips You Can Implement In-House

SEO is a very important element for boosting an online business. Especially, for small business owners must implement different SEO tactics and strategies for enhancing their business reach.

However, a lot of business owners think that implementing SEO techniques requires a huge budget. It is true that a complete marketing strategy including SEO and other techniques will cost you, but that doesn’t mean the business will survive without these strategies.

Here are the top 5 SEO tips you can execute to boost traffic on your website and enhance your online presence. Some businesses also start with small budgets and then show good growth. Let’s discuss in detail some proven tips to build a solid and reliable online base for your business.

  • Use Google to improve your business

Google has become a reason behind the success of a lot of small businesses. The majority of people search on Google to analyse the credibility and significance of a business. For reliable information, people look into Google and thus, for better exposure, you must get a Google My Business Profile and add all the important information your customers would look for. Add the working hours, your business portfolio, location and images to make your business visible on Google.

  • Collect positive customer reviews

Positive reviews help in building credibility and trust for a small business. For better SEO, you can ask your customers to leave a review on your website or on the e-commerce websites where you sell your products or services.  You can use emails to request your customers to send their valuable reviews. You can also send the links to review sites and get their reviews listed too.

One of the smarter ways is to create a special review page consisting of the links of all the review sites which easily redirects the customers towards the reviews. You can collect the reviews in an ethical manner and this will help to enhance your business.

  • Gaining authorised links from regional firms and trusted sources

To build credibility, you must register your business with the Better Business bureau.  Also, you can link your business with trusted local business communities for expanding your business. Build a strong and reliable links with such membership firms to grab the attention of more potential customers easily.

You can also try to connect with local firms, schools, charity groups, communities etc. These links may give an overwhelming response to one’s business. Especially for enriching your business locally, these are the best tricks to try.

  • Make sure you prepare the citations and NAP data for your business

There are ample business directories that will help you to create free listing by just adding certain basic details like contact number, name and address. This data is popularly known as NAP data and remains same for different businesses listings.

Listing platforms like Yelp are amazing for your business and thus, you must complete these listings while filling all the important data. Also, there are tools that will help you create and handle your regional listings. Some tools also help you to audit and analyse the listings and recognise the duplicate listings. This is a very safe and reliable way to handle listings and remove all the improper data from your listings.

  • Issue reliable and consistent content

Blogs are one of the best ways to bring traffic and success to websites. If you are selling products/services on your websites, make sure that you also add a blog. Also, don’t refrain from publishing high quality and reliable content on your blog.  Post some useful content on your blog regularly which can add more traffic and make the visitors enjoy fresh content on a regular basis. Also, add some interesting and rich keywords to boost the organic search results on the website.

One of the best options is to hire a content writer and an SEO agency for your website, but if this might go over budget for your small business, you can also add posts yourself and hire an SEO professional. However, it’s recommended to try these two activities and never avoid it for high cost reasons. These are the two activities which will boost genuine traffic to your website.

So, try these tips and see your in-house small business reach new heights.

Author Bio: Richard Dean is a Director at Caffeinated, one of the fastest growing link building and content creation agencies. He has started and invested in a number of startups since 2008, but found his real passion with digital marketing.

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